One New Man

        Zionism is not the religious racial preference for one ethnic group over another, as though God was a racist.  Though it’s long been thought of as such, nothing could be further from the truth.  Zion is simply the headquarters of the King, the place where Messiah will rule and reign during the Millennium.  Christ is the Messiah.  All the orders will come out of Zion, as it is the place where the seat of authority sits.  We are not talking here about what the rest of the world thinks, we’re talking about what the Bible says.  The Hebrew Tanakh and the Christian New Testament together.  The world has always been wrong about God, and is in fact  opposed to Him.  The world does not want God to be in charge, does not want Him to decide what is right and what is wrong, does not want Him to be The Judge, and will not submit to His authority.  It is the only place from which all authority comes.  In essence, the world does not want God to be God, which is why He is not for so many.         

        Zion is a mountain in Israel, but God could have just as easily picked some other mountain in the Rockies or Himalayas.  It is not the mountain itself that is special on it’s own, it’s just a heap of dirt and rocks.  The fact that God has chosen to rule from Zion is what sets it apart.  His being there makes it special.  Zionism is nothing more than God having declared His plan for all mankind in His Word which is the Bible.  Culminating in the return of the King who will set up his own government on the earth for a 1000 years (called The Millennium), which will be centered out of Zion.  Every Bible believing Jew and Christian believes this.  If you call yourself a Jew or a Christian and don’t know this – then you need to read your Bible.  If you know it but don’t believe it, then you are not a believer.  Which means you’re not really a Jew or Christian, you just say you are.  Believers believe the Bible. 

        There is no use arguing that Jews don’t believe in Christ, that just shows you don’t know the meaning of the word.  Christ is not the Lord’s last name, it is the Greek word for the Hebrew word Meshiach, where we get the word Messiah from.  Christ was and is the Messiah.  Don’t wait till He shows up again to get ahold of that.  There isn’t any disagreement in the Scripture, no doctrinal divide.  You either don’t know the Scripture, or you just don’t believe it, which is why you have to read it.  Read it until you do Believe it.  That takes the onus off God and puts it back on you, where it belongs.  God is not confused nor has He messed things up, He knows exactly what He’s doing, and has told us all about it.  It is all in His Book.  Even that wild donkey of a religion calls us the people of the Book, in their book.  One of the few things they actually got right.  If you want to kill Allah, all you have to do is read the Bible, and he’s dead.      

The whole purpose of Judaism is the coming of the Messiah.  If you say you’re Jewish by faith as opposed to just ethnicity, and you’re not expecting The Meshiach, then it’s not your faith, it’s just your ethnicity.  Which means absolutely nothing and is completely void of all spiritual value in relation to God and the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible), which is the Christian Old Testament.  The Hebrew Bible is nothing but an agreement (a Covenant) between God and a man named Abraham, who was not a Jew he was a pagan.  He worshipped the moon, as did also the Arab tribes until Muhammad got them to follow him, back in the 7th century.  

The nation of Israel which began as a man named Israel (Jacob, the grandson of Abraham), then as the 12 sons of that man which became the 12 tribes of Israel.  That was only a partial fulfillment of that covenant God made with Abraham.  The Old Covenant contains The New Covenant within it, and that New Covenant is the Messiah!  There’s not something else.  Hundreds of Scriptures in the Tanakh tell of Him and His coming, both the first and the second time.  That’s mostly what the apostle Paul writes about and explains in detail through his letters, which are the largest part of the new deal (as I like to call it).  Paul was a Jewish religious legal scholar, which is what pharisees were.     

The old deal didn’t fail, it did exactly what God intended it to do.  It established a landing place (a legal one) for His Son among a particular people in the earth.  So that He could get back in man so to speak, and stop as many as He could from going to Hell.  God had to get Abraham to freely offer his son Isaac, so that He in turn could offer His Son Jesus.  That is covenant, and was the main point of God entering into it.  So He could help everybody who would take His help to get back to the highest, the high life, better than the good life – the God kind of life.  The way it was before the Fall.  You don’t get there because you say so, or by a path you choose, and certainly not by blowing a bunch of people up.  You’re not God and it’s not your life.  

And you cannot say you didn’t know because it’s all in the Bible.  Which is the place where He tells you what is going on, and what your place in that is.  What you mean is you never read the Bible, not really.  Or that if you did read it, you did not believe it.  Yeah, well that happens to all of us.  It is the condition we’re born into, that’s what Fallen means.  We are actually born with a nature that opposes God.   We need a lot of help to not oppose Him.  Which He has already given us in Christ, but we have to let Him be God to get it.  Otherwise you’re just left the way you are, which is on your way to Hell.  Because it’s all about authority, and the one who’s authority you were born under.  All of our lives we say what our god says, and when we die we go where our god goes.  You do not get to choose when you die, that’s when we find out what choice you made.  Not choosing God is a choice.     

He could have chosen any people, He chose Israel.  You cannot get mad about that, it’s not your choice.  It is almost funny the things people get mad at, it’s also tragic.  Getting offended will cost many their souls, especially in these Last Days.  Christianity is the next step in Judaism, and is what ushered in Messiah.  Jesus coming back is the next step in Christianity, and will usher in the Millennium.  Though there are a few things that will happen before that, I mean in the next few years.  You can now see if you choose to, that Israel was God’s way back in.  Christianity was how He spread the good news, and as soon as all who will come in do come in – BAM!  Jesus comes back.  That is not when you get to decide, that’s when you will be running to Him, or running (and screaming) from Him.  You see this time He will not be coming as the Savior of the world. He already did that.  This time He will be coming as the conquering King, and He won’t be coming to take sides.  He will be coming to take over.  Which will take about a second.  

I am not telling you this like a pastor would cause I’m not a pastor.  I am a prophet, and I represent the government of God, like all prophets and apostles.  Pastors represent the church, the flock, the body of believers.  You do need to hear what a real pastor has to say.  Someone like Joel Osteen or David Jeremiah, John MacArthur or T.D Jakes, John Hagee or Michael Pitts. Though Michael is also an apostle.  But you also need to hear what a prophet has to say, just like you need to hear what an evangelist has to say.  Billy Graham is an evangelist. So is Benny Hinn.  Joyce Meyer is a teacher.  Kenneth Copeland is an apostle.  None of us fill the other’s office, but only the one God called us to.  Though some are called to more than one office.  It is our job as the 5 fold ministry to get Christ formed in you, but it is not our job to keep you in Christ.  You have to keep yourself in Christ, once He gets in you.   I cover how to stay in Christ in another chapter.        

What you have to see here is that because of what happened in the garden of Eden the entire world is a prisoner of sin.  The whole world and everybody in it, and the Bible says so.  So the Law was given, which is the Torah of the Hebrew Bible.  But the Law is not based on faith, nor can it save anyone.  It was never intended to.  The Law came to convict us of sin and show us where we are not like God.  But its main purpose was to bring us to Christ.  Who is just like God, and came to help us be like Him.  But you have to want it, or it does not work.  That is what free will does, allows you to say yes or no.  Now God’s will ultimately will come to pass in it’s entirety, it just will not come to pass for you if you choose for it not to.  So everybody is in sin, the Law came in to show us that, and Christ is God’s only answer for it.  There is not something else.  

We are all to become sons of God through faith in what Christ did on the cross.  Which was to change the wrong standing we were in with God because of sin, into right standing with God because of a payment made by a friend.  All of the great stuff, all of the heavy lifting, all the most important things were done in this payment.  God has it set up in such a way because of free will that all you can do is either believe this or not believe it. Which is simply a choice.  That is the plan.  You can either submit to it or do not.  But nothing you can do or say will change it.  It will only keep you out of it.  This is not a democracy, which is why many who live in nations where they get to elect those over them won’t be able to get ahold of this.  They will choke on it.  I did not say they cannot get ahold of it.  I said they will not.  It is a choice.  The first step right off the bat is to realize you are not in charge. That will help a lot.         

Another thing Christ came to do that so many Christians and Jews miss, is that He came to unite all people in Himself.  Before Jesus came, there were only 2 groups of people in the earth.  Jews and gentiles, or nations. Which really means those inside the Covenant and those outside the Covenant.  Gentile does not mean non-Jew, it means without God.  If you are a Christian, you are no longer a gentile. You are not without God.  You are in fact in a covenant which is better than the old one, and the Bible says so.  There is no such thing as a gentile Christian, the words contradict each other.  

Well the Jewish people did not come from outer space.  They were part of the nations themselves before God called them and separated them to Himself.  To fulfill this deal with Abraham, who is the father of all who believe because he was the first one to believe.  Again that is Bible.  Not to believe in Abraham, that is nowhere in Scripture.  But believe in what God did through Abraham, which was to Bless all nations through his Seed.  The apostle Paul explains how the word Seed was referring to One Man, not a group or ethnos of people.  That one man was and is the Man Jesus Christ.  The way into God’s Kingdom is open to anybody and everybody, but it is His way and His Kingdom.  He is God. That comes with the territory.  

Any attempt to come to Him any other way, I said any other way, is simply refusing to let Him be God. And in essence calling Him a liar.  The 1st epistle of John says it plainly.  All other religions, all of them, are simply refusing to let Him be who He says He is.  And trying to get to Him their own way by creating their own little gods who will do what they say.  Calling that the God of the Bible.  Well man’s been doing that long before Jesus came, and is still doing it today.  Nothing new.  Most people simply do not know history, and understand religion even less.  There has never been a society as disconnected from their past and each other, as we are today.  Never.  I mean that both generally and specifically.  More so of course for the 1st world modern nations.  The modernity is part of the disconnect.

Well none of that was ever God’s will.  It’s just how man is on his own.  It was never God’s will that you be lonely, afraid, hungry, unloved, in any kind of pain, or without anything that was intended to make you whole and complete.  Nothing missing, nothing broken.  He had to show Himself to somebody, well that people He showed Himself to was Israel.  He wants to get back in everybody.  It was never just about Israel, and that getting back in is called salvation.  Which must and can only be acquired individually, as the free will of each individual is sovereign.  It is not about joining some group, or even the right group, in a social, political, or elitist sense.  It’s about finding your place, your place in Him.  There is a place in Him for every person ever born, everyone who has ever lived.  But you have to come up into it.  

In a very real sense the devil has been completely and totally defeated, technically.  As it relates to us, our free will, and accessing what God has for us.  But that technicality must be enforced in the life of each individual.  Wherever it’s not being enforced, the devil operates within the sphere of that life with impunity, as though he was never defeated.  Salvation the way the church uses the word, is actually the very beginning of a process, and is the first step in that enforcement.  Which again, is individual. 

There is a collective element to it, but there is so much confusion and error put out by the very thing that calls itself the collective – because it is a usurper.  Christ never came to start the modern institutionalized religious structure called the church.  That word is not even in the Bible.  Jesus started the Ecclesia.  Man replaced the Ecclesia with the church, which is covered in another chapter.  One more thing before leaving this subject.    

The covenant that God made with Israel was very conditional, the conditions were called Laws or Commands.  Every Promise in both the old and new deal has conditions.  God wants you to come into all the promises, but our part is to obey (or keep) the commandments.  There is no use quoting salvation is by grace alone, because even grace has a condition.  The Scripture actually says “You are Saved by Grace through Faith.”  Faith is the condition of Grace.  Grace in it’s larger Biblical definition means God’s willingness to use His power on our behalf for good.  If you believe in God you believe that He can do you good, you’re just not sure if He will. 

Well grace tells us that He not only can, but that He wants to and He will.  So grace is His part (one of many), but faith is our part.  Faith is acting on what you believe without seeing it.  Faith is not an option – faith is an act.  If you are not acting on what you believe then you are not in faith.  I’m taking the time to tell you all this because I’m about to point out an error in the collective Jewish thought, which is one that Christians are just as guilty of.  Which is that the conditional covenant has been turned into a doctrine of favoritism; the mindset that God will bless us no matter what.  Which of course is a complete fabrication and entirely man made.            

Most of my Jewish friends over the years have been atheists, just like much of Israel.  Though they celebrated some of the holy days, they seldom went to temple, if ever.  The amazing thing to me is how many Jewish non believers or partial believers I’ve met over the years who think they are the only ethnicity whose bloodline is pure so to speak, going back thousands of years.  Or that the blessing of God is upon them in spite of their unbelief and disobedience, that they are somehow God’s Blessed people no matter what they do.  No no, not even close.

Such an attitude shows how incredibly little of the Torah and Tanakh are known by those with such a view.  There are spirits in the earth assigned to get you to believe a lot of junk like that, as well as every other lie.  Even the Scriptures that speak of Israel as God’s chosen people make it clear that the being chosen is based entirely on who He Is not who they are.  

He did not choose them because they were holy, just the opposite is true.  God will make them holy because He chose them.  Just as with the true Christian; He will not love you because you are good – He will make you good because He loves you.  I said earlier that the whole purpose of Israel was and is the coming of the Messiah, which was for all of the people on earth, not just Israel.  And out of Messiah came hundreds of millions of followers that have been called Christians ever since.

You could just as easily have called them Messianists, or Messianics – followers of the Messiah.  The Hebrew word for who Jesus was and is, the Christ, the anointed One, the one with God all over Him.  The first time Jesus came it was to become like us men.  When He comes again, those who truly believe (which is a process) – will be like Him.  In Him, there is no Jew or gentile, barbarian or Scythian, slave nor free.  We are all one in Christ Jesus, together in Him we are the one new man.

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Playing to the Crowd

   It was on a short, mile an a half run in South Florida that the Lord showed me something I had been doing all of my adult life. Acting, projecting an image of myself. Namely – acting differently around people when I know I’m being watched. Putting on a show so to speak. I think we’re all aware in a general sense that we behave differently with others than we do when we’re alone. Everybody does. In relation to customs and manners, especially those that show courtesy or respect, it is a good and necessary thing, and helps us all.  But the difference I’m speaking of here is really more a change of focus and direction when people are looking at you. The desire to draw attention to ourselves, and why we do it. Our culture and society have even gone so far as establishing an elite community, a royalty of sorts (in perception only, not Spiritual reality) among those at the top of the profession of acting, which I believe is a reflection of how self centered we have become as a people.

   I’ve been a lover of stories and an avid reader ever since I was a little boy.  In our modern culture and in my generation, it was a completely natural progression to loving Cinema. In fact, we watch more movies at the theaters in my hometown of San Diego than anywhere else in the country. Which isn’t hard to believe since we have a larger population (nationally) of single 25 – 35 yr. olds, along with most of the Pacific Fleet. Here’s my dichotomy. Though I love movies and still see them frequently even to this day, I really have very little respect for the profession of acting, and absolutely none for the exalted position that our society has given its champions. The latter of which is nothing short of idolatry.

 Now the actors themselves are just people and should be shown the same respect as anybody else. And I give it gladly. Showing respect for others and treating people the way you yourself want to be treated is a large part of walking in Love. Regardless of your current station in life – whether high or low.  In fact you cannot live right toward God without living right toward people.  So I don’t really mean the individuals themselves when I speak of the profession, it’s more what we as a people (including the media, which is made up of people) have done with it. Because it really is our choice.

   In this particular context I’m not so much trying to construct a road to social reform as much as I’m attempting to show a somewhat imperfect view of ourselves and where we’re at as it relates to morality. Which of course affects our balance on the tightrope of this life – both individually, and as a whole. Especially the part of morality that is concerned with where we are going. Which has everything to do with what we are looking at and who we’re listening to. Having lived and worked in Southern California all of my adult life (except for 2 years in Hawaii) I have been afforded more than a couple of opportunities for meeting or being exposed to someone famous. Or knowing someone who has.  

One of my roommates used to be a neighbor of Harrison Ford.  Another guy  who I worked with, met Eddie Murphy when he went up to fix something in his room at a Hotel in San Diego. He said Eddie was crazy (funny crazy), no surprise there right.  Another co-worker had been at a party (in San Diego) where Heather Locklear offered a reward to anyone who would give her a ride back to L.A.. Antonio (another roommate) was working security at Cafe Sevilla when Leonardo DiCaprio came in during a break from filming Titanic, while we  were living in a Loft downtown a few blocks away.  He got to talk to him at the bar for about 20 minutes, and seemed genuinely impressed when he told me the next day what a nice guy he was.  

My buddy Greg was doing a club called Rockers for a couple of years at the Probe in L.A. (end of the Eighties) when he met Sean Penn on the roof.  A former client of mine is a fraternity brother of Steve Wynn the Las Vegas hotel owner. He and his wife had joined Steve in his suite for dinner along with Whoopie Goldberg as they were waiting for Frank Sinatra to join them. He said that as soon as Frank got there Whoopie went off on him telling him what a jerk he was and how many of her friends he had screwed over – then left. Go on Whoopie!  I’ve met a few myself, like Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, and had a few as clients. Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards had been coming in regular over a period of several weeks (during the summer of ’85) to a club I was a bouncer at in Pacific Beach called the Mannikin. Which in it’s day was pretty cool, as clubs go. 

The two of them were not known at the time, but seemed like nice enough guys and kept telling me they were making a film (which I mistook for a training film since it was at the Naval Air Station at Miramar) – so that I would comp them. Which I did. I like to get comped myself, so I understand how they feel. One night this black Jeep drives up with Tom Cruise at the wheel, Val in the front passenger seat, with Anthony and Kellie McGillis in the back. Val had recently told me that Tom Cruise was in the movie, and that he would come out with them one night soon. Tom was not the superstar that he is today, but he was known. 

So when Val waved me over to the Jeep (which was in the street as all the curbside parking was taken), I looked in and saw Tom and said something like ‘ I know that guy ‘, we all smiled (a Kodak moment). Then they asked if there was anywhere they could park, a problem in metropolitan California.  To which I looked up and down the street and replied hesitantly that I had my Truck here (a big Chevy 4×4 on a lift with a 9’ whip antenna off the driver’s side – man I loved that Truck), which the nose of the Jeep was even with. Testingly, but a bit too expectantly, they asked if I could move it. To which I said No, but you can park around back – and they did. I comped them, which I’m sure made them all feel better (even though Kellie didn’t have her ID on her).   

Listen to me now.  You do not have to kiss up to people just because they are famous – or will be someday.  You might be too, and you will have to work even harder at being nice than you do now. And I’m not telling you this so I look large for about 10 seconds among the masses of the non-famous for dis’n Tommy an his crew before they was famous. No, they were all nice folks, God Bless ’em. I’ve prayed for some of them many times. I want you to see that the substance of your life, what God is trying to do through you, is in the small stuff.  So much of this life is a test in the small things.

Not in the glamorous, not in the romantic, not even in the ideal. It is in the reality of your every day, day in day out life. When I met Dustin Hoffman he was a real gent and a very cool guy. I worked on him for an hour, the only time he ever came in during my years at  the La Costa Spa. I believe it was right after his father died, and he had just finished Rain Man. I was told his parents had lived there for many years. I asked him if he had favorite movies or actors . . he said he had favorite performances. Implying I thought, that whether or not you achieved a perceived status of greatness – you could have a great moment. How cool is that.

    I worked on Randolph Hearst a couple of times, what a neat guy. He told me how he and his brother (William Randolph) had donated their father’s Estate at San Simeon (the Hearst Castle) along with 500 acres of staging ground to the State of California.  As it was all too much for them to keep up and neither one of them wanted to live there. But they did keep the 70,000 acres of adjacent ranch land, with some cattle on it. That’s a lot of pasture.  I asked him about the Rosebud mystery on Orson Welles famous film Citizen Kane, which as most people know is about his father. I think he told me it was the name of a prostitute, but I honestly can’t remember. But the most unforgettable thing he said was how he and his brother had both been pilots in the Army Air Corps during WWII.  I mean they flew bombers on combat missions – they went into harms way.  Praise God! That is so cool. Their dad was the richest, and one of the most powerful men in the entire world. But they went anyway.  What a different generation.

   Richard Pryor was very generous, as many people who come from nothing are.  I worked on him for an hour the first day.  He scheduled a second for the next but couldn’t make it, as he was feeling under the weather.  He sent his man to give me a fifty dollar tip anyway, just to say thank you. Combined with the fifty he had given me the day before – that $100 dollars bought the Thanksgiving dinner my friends and I shared (I think it was the next day) at my apartment across the street from Balboa Park, where I was living at the time. Robert Downey jr. was pretty cool and kinda funny, cause he hit me and a fellow masseur (my friend Mohammed) up for some investment capital.  I mean he like asked me for 15,000 dollars, I still think it’s funny. There I am working on him and he is giving me his pitch. What a salesman. One of the technicians who worked at the Spa had went to high school with him.

   I remember him being kinda jealous since he (the tech) had been in the cool crowd in school, whereas Robert had been in the not so cool crowd (according to him). He was not too happy about their opposing positions on the food chain – a recognizable actor with a certain amount of success and (he) a servant at the most famous Spa in the world.  I just want to remind us all that we’re supposed to be happy when others succeed, not jealous. Be glad when you see someone make it – it’s good for your Heart.  And don’t misunderstand, I need just as much help as anyone else when I get around the things our society and culture worship.  But that is my whole point; you have to make yourself do the right thing, even when you feel differently.  Love the way God means it is not a feeling, it is a discipline.

It has nothing to do with your feelings, it’s a choice. Don’t compare yourself to other people, the Bible forbids it. Be content with who you are and what you’ve got.  All the while be preparing yourself for promotion by preparing your heart – and God Himself will promote you in due time. If you try to promote yourself, you will just end up broken and frustrated.  When God is ready to promote you – nothing can stop it.  When you do finally achieve some level of notoriety in your field, remember to be kind to others and to believe the best about them.  Competition comes out of our fallen nature and it is not from God.

This growing sense of entitlement in our generation has got to go. It is an infestation, and has ruined the attitude of the youth of this country for the last 40 years.  And quit confusing large amounts of cash and being recognizable to the masses, with success – they are not related.  There are many people with millions who are nothing more than poor people with some money.  Because money does not make you rich.  If you had a billion dollars it could not save your soul.  You are a Spirit  remember.  It is in your Spirit you have to get rich.  And the reason so many people are destroyed by fame is because they know the whole thing is a lie and they cannot live up to the lie.  I know the world system counts them as success, but the world system is wrong. It always has been. The world not only does not know how to count, it doesn’t know what to count. The Bible teaches a whole other arithmetic.  One where everybody who wants to win, wins.  Alright, Back to the acting.

   So one of the two major reasons I don’t have a lot of respect for our view of the profession is obviously because I think we’ve made too much of it.  The other reason is that I think anybody can do it, because I believe everybody already does it, to some degree. Not that everybody could be great, listen, most folks are not even great at life.  Being great at anything (in a worldly sense) requires talent skill or experience, or even a combination of the three. That does not guarantee anybody will ever know you are great.  Since what we are really talking about is how good you were at what you did – not how many people knew it (that’s fame).  

A little over a century ago when Impressionism was just gaining popularity as a new artistic style, Manet was playing Monet while Bouguereau was sticking to classical lines from classical training.  Especially in the hands and feet, which had always been considered the hardest. He alone was a Master (at this) among all of his peers, including Renoir and Degas and they all knew it. But you don’t know his name today, not like you do the others I’ve mentioned.  Not because he wasn’t good.  In fact, he was the epitome of the style that Impressionism was up against. It was because that style was no longer popular within the trend that eventually becomes the masses.  What the people like .  How we feel about things, which can change in a moment. 

At the same time that European Society was becoming less certain as to exactly what they believed about God and who He was, their lines of Morality started to blur as did color and detail with the Impressionists.  A process of declining delineation. We could no longer tell where we were because we were no longer certain what we were looking at. We had lost our way. Till we end up with painters like Picasso (his later work) and Pollock, whose work any child could equate. At least the Impressionists while not quite giving us the thing itself, gave us something like it.  Now we have corporations that specialize in finding ways to take away what they promise. Everything is connected. Everything.  And everything that happens physically is determined (or happens first) spiritually.  But I’m getting ahead of myself, as I often do.

  I have brought in the comparison of the profession of acting to the acting that we all do, as, being so exaggerated, I believe it is easier to see. Everything in it is phony, stunt, faux, affected, controlled, made up – all established in storytelling through pretense, to produce one thing – a picture. The thing they want me to see.  All the while playing to the crowd. There’s an entire multi-billion dollar industry built around it, and due to the power that God has put into the visual.  Because of this Hollywood (and in an extended sense California) has been for some time the cultural ancient Rome of our modern world.  It is bad enough that we as people find ourselves being phony or pretentious, or making something very large out of something very small, every day.  

But as a society we have made one of the world’s largest subcultures out of it, don’t you see.  Out of nothing it makes nothing and accomplishes nothing.  Yes stories are good, I write them my self.  And there is massive employment and gargantuan payroll (especially for those at the top), but for what.  I’m telling you if people would give God half the reverential awe they would give to their favorite actor upon meeting them – He could build on that. He could get some stuff done in their lives. I told you those little anecdotes in the hope of starting the de-throning process of the faming (or framing) of self in our lives. It is all a lie, all of it.  God is supposed to be in that frame, not you or me or anyone like us. Paul says in the Bible that it is good to be excited, but then asks, what are you excited about. And let me add this, it’s good to have a good reputation, but what are you so well known for.  Doing what.

      You know what the two most excellent things were in all those stories.  Out of all the completely unrelated random meetings and interactions with some of the rich and famous of the 7 different people whose 12 experiences I related to you.  Only two things were noteworthy, redeeming, or of any virtue at all.  When Richard Pryor tipped a masseur who did not even work on him that day. Went out of his way to do it. One man giving money to another without even receiving the product he was adding to, just to be kind to him.  On purpose.  And on a much larger scale, when Randolph Hearst and his brother served in the military while their nation and their world was at war. They could have gotten out of it, or at least received an easier assignment.  But chose instead to face danger and loss of life for something higher than themselves. And the bombing raids over Nazi occupied Europe had among the highest casualty rates of the war. 

My how things and people have changed. The common grounds of both examples were men doing something they did not have to do, and doing it for someone else.  With both acts involving the giving of something that was important to the men themselves. Which is the only kind of giving God counts.  Hollywood does not feed the hungry and clothe the naked – the Church does that.  And their best day of Charity (to the wrong ones) is not a fraction of the Church’s worst.  They do not teach our children, teachers do. They don’t prepare the food the cook does, and they don’t grow it, the farmer does that.  The farmer does not provide the soil, the rain and the sunshine.  Most of them know very well that God provides it, and will tell you so.  Just like He provides you and me (and actors everywhere) with talent, ability and intelligence.  Which we quickly call our own, without even attempting (personally) to uncover where they came from. 

Though we can tell you nothing of how they were formed we claim ownership.  As though we really had something to do with the manufacture of our natural strengths and abilities. Yeah like you personally chose how you looked and how fast you could run. Explain that to me. Go ahead I’ll give you a minute. Every good thing in our lives comes from God, every good thing.  We are not supposed to play to the crowd, we are supposed to play to Him.  Even the Church does it.  This is not about the crowd – it is all about Him and our returning to Him. Don’t seek the approval of men, seek His.  I’m not supposed to wish the whole world found me sexually attractive and wanted to jump my bones, but it’s right there in the fallen nature.  It is not right that we think this way.  The desire to be desired (or desirable). God put an intense, almost desperate desire for intimacy into each of us, and He put it there for Himself. But we are all doing the wrong thing with it.

   How much longer do you think we as a people can get away with investing so much of our money into entertaining ourselves with storytelling while lusting after or idolizing the beautiful new young boy or girl whose character happen’s to be in the spotlight for the moment, before we are held accountable.  Don’t you see how very much like Rome we are after they built the Coliseum, which was built solely to entertain.  Now we are even more like them right before they fell. Do you know where the money came from to build the Coliseum.  It came from the sack of Jerusalem.  And by it the destruction of Solomon’s Temple, which was the House of God – the Church of the Jews. The place where like all temples, all the gold was kept. 

Fifty years ago most of the nation went to Church and saw a film occasionally.  Now, we don’t go to Church at all, but watch TV or go to movies daily.  Our very own Coliseum.  Listen to me friend – Judgment is coming. On us as a nation and as individuals.  And I believe very soon on the TV and film industry.  You know the best way to avoid Judgment – to judge ourselves, so we won’t be judged. 

There is nothing wrong with seeking the approval of men if you seek the approval of God first.  But let me tell you a secret – if you get God’s approval, what follows does not even matter. Though you will have the approval of many men.  But we don’t do that.  We have taken God completely out of the picture and just play to each other.  No wonder our lives are so empty and confused. Meaningless sex and meaningless money, with a craving for all the entertainment we can swallow in between.  Just gimme my next fix.  One more conquest will show how godlike I am. Yeah, that’s it.  It doesn’t have to be that way, nor should it.  We must learn to love something more than we love having our own way.  God will help us with that, but only if we are willing.  Learn to be willing.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

Cath a holic

       Listen, catholic is just a Latin word that means universal.  It is not the name of the first church or the original church, and certainly not of any Christian church.  There is a distinction between Catholic and Christian to this very day because there has always been one.  The word catholic in the first several centuries of early Christianity was used the same way we would use Body of Christ or the Church at large, or the global Christian Fellowship – referring to all believers everywhere.  Long before there was ever an official church by that name.  I’m talking centuries before.  This is not something hidden, it’s just something not talked about.  Among clergy, theologians, scholars [on both sides] or just good students of the Bible and Christianity.  It is well known, and always has been.  

In all of the early Christian writings, histories and letters from the Church Fathers (which are all Christian – there are no Catholic ones, Catholicism did not exist at that time) – that’s the way the word is used [catholic], and everybody knows it.   The clergy of both Christians and Catholics just don’t talk about it, because as a rule they just don’t talk.  There are simply places where Catholicism dominates men through religion, and places where Christianity liberates men from this life through Christ’s death.  Which is what Jesus came to do.  Set us free from this world and it’s ways, not rub our noses in it.  And certainly not to start a Religion. 

The difference between the two is not one of preference, buildings, or a more elitist attitude.  The difference is one of Truth, and our response to that Truth.  God’s Truth, not truth as man sees it.  Whether Christian, Greek Orthodox [which is much older than Catholic], or Catholic – it is your Hunger for and knowledge of the Truth of God’s Word that will bring you out of all religion [and religious camps].  And bring you into the glorious light of the one thing you have desired intensely all your life.  A relationship with the God who made you.  If you will but become His little child so that He can be your big Father.

America is the most liberated nation in both the earth and its history precisely because of its Christianity, and the Blessing of God Almighty that goes where He is honored.  Not because of homosexual marriages, public education, free speech, or taxation (with or without representation), politicians, guns & butter, the greatest Navy or Whistler’s mother, the Industrial Revolution was not the solution.  It is by the Goodness of God and no other . . . that we are here.  With the largest middle class ever, living like kings did a century ago.  America is not now, nor has it ever been, a Catholic country.  Like all the other cults, they have always been a very small minority.  

This country was not founded on freedom of religion or belief in any god.  It was founded on the freedom to freely and openly worship the God of the Bible, which is a matter of recorded history.  Volumes of it.  The fact that the liberal God haters hate the God of all History, and the God of our history, should come as no surprise.  They don’t hate gods (they have many of them), they just hate this one.  He is a threat to their fallen nature, a pain in their mediocrity, and an end to their loose living.  He exposes their greedy desire to get – everything.  

We have become a nation with the infected morality of a dying prostitute, who still retains the memory of her original goodness.  Fixated on youth and beauty, films about me, pictures of you – while the Doctor keeps saying yes we are all dying but the sex is killing you.  You were not made for it – it was made for you.  And can only be done properly with one spouse all your life long, whose gender is opposite the gender of you.  

Most single men are not afraid of marriage as much as they’re afraid of marrying the wrong one.  Most people are not afraid of religion as much as they are uncertain of which gathering place is right.  Which so called church to attend.  Even the shift in recent centuries from the original Ecclesia of true Christianity being a body of Believers – to a building called a church filled with churchgoers.  This shift has nothing to do with the Bible and is not born of Faith.  It comes straight out of Religion.

That is one of the biggest difference’s between Catholicism and Christianity.  The man made structure and hierarchy of the church organization of the Catholic church is its life blood.  Without the institution of Catholicism, there is no Catholic church.  I don’t mean it is just essential, I mean that is all that the Catholic church is.  Something made up.  The way you would make up a story or tell a lie.  Men created it out of thin air.  Catholic is nowhere in the Bible, not once.  It has nothing to do with the Bible, in any capacity whatsoever.  And the Bible is the playbook for all of Christianity.  Christians believe the Bible.  There is not something else.  

That’s why outside of some of its clergy, you never meet any Catholics who know the Scripture.  The Catholic church doesn’t insist you read the Bible on your own [God forbid].  They dissuade you from reading the Bible, so that the priesthood can tell you what it says.  It is not about knowing God or understanding His Plan for your life, for them it never has been.  It is about Control.  The priesthood controls everything, and none of it is authorized by the Bible.  Like the media, they are a self perpetuating entity.

As you read this remember it is not about how we feel or what we personally think of religious practices.  What anyone has grown used to from their own experience, or finds acceptable.  It does not matter whether we see any harm in these things, it only matters what God says.  The existence of God is not relegated to our feelings.  This is about what God says in His Word, which is another name for the Bible.  Confessing your sins to a priest and praying to Mary or the saints are not only religious traditions of men, they are completely unbiblical and akin to blasphemy.  Because to do so is Anti-Christ.  Which does mean anti anointing, but it also means instead of Christ.  Such practices are part of the man made structure of the cult and do away with Jesus, or any need for Him.  They in fact replace Him.  In their particular perversion they do Include Him, but that is wholly condemned by Scripture.  

These practices are nothing more than religious tradition which come from a much older pagan religious system called the Cult of Babylon, or Babylonian Cult System.  Which is the oldest religion in the earth.  I realize much of this might be new to you if you haven’t studied these things, but the knowledge of it is not new.  It’s just another one of those things not talked about.  And you cannot say “no, they include Jesus too!”  Because I’ll just tell you what the Bible says – God is not worshipped when He is worshipped also, He’s worshipped when He is worshipped only.  Worship is and was always meant only for Him.  That is why everything else tries to get worship from us, to take it away from Him.

The dominant religion in Rome before its conversion to Christianity [later hijacked by Catholicism] was the Cult of Babylon.  The emperors of Rome were the de facto head of the religion until the late 4th century when the Emperor Gratian refused to carry the mantle the previous emperors had commonly worn, that of the high priest of this most ancient religious system.  Whereupon a slim shady character named Damasus, who was the head of the Christian church in Rome at that time [also called a church Father], immediately took advantage of the opening – bam!   The birth of the Catholic church.  

Now it took centuries for it to organize and grow into the religious system it became, but like all other cults, offshoots and perversions of Christianity, it began with a person.  In this case a man who actually had some authority within and knowledge of [real] Christianity.  Combing that and his office of a church father with that of being the high priest of the cult of Babylon – created the largest, longest running, most powerful christian cult in History.  Don’t despair, the Mormons are catching up quickly (proportionally).  Both of these cults are completely devoid of any of the true power of Christianity.  A power which is Spiritual and comes only from God, and is to do only what He says.  Yet they do have power in the sense of influence within their own camps, like any worldly religions.

To untangle the mess of world religion you can keep it very simple by remembering that they are all followers of a person, or lesser still [for many] what a person had to say during the short time they were here.  Well they all had something to say, but only One had any power.  In fact, now He has all the power.  That was Jesus.  Those who really follow Him walk in that power today on some level.  One of the many facets of that power was the ability to overcome death, which He defeated when He came back from it in the resurrection.  That is what the celebration of Easter is all about, at least on the Christian side of it; the Resurrection of Christ.  

He died so we wouldn’t have to.  He didn’t do it for Himself – He did it for us.  No one else came back from the dead, none of these other fools who started their own religions.  None of them.  There are many Christians raising people from the dead today.  Not a single person in these other religions heals the sick, casts out demons, or raises the dead – because they cannot.  No one in their religion has any power, and you either have the power or you do not.  The rest is just talk.  Now for those of you really searching for the Truth, be sure to key in on what I just said.  If in their pride there are any who think this was written for their approval, it will go right over their head.  God resists the proud.  He does not reveal Himself to them.

Mormons are not some higher form of christians as they think themselves.  They are followers of a dead man named Joseph Smith who was murdered by a mob of his own followers and whose own parents described in detail what a deceiver he was.  Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t any witness for Jehovah, they are followers of a convicted perjurer named Charles Taze Russell.  And like the Mormons they have written their own bible.  Which has absolutely nothing to do with the Holy Bible of Christianity.  

Calling them Russellites [as I do] would not only be more accurate, it would be the absolute truth!  Christian Science is not the scientific branch of christianity, there isn’t one.  They are followers of a woman named Mary Baker Eddy, who like so many cult leaders was an apostate of Christianity, not an apostle of the Faith.  I’m moving fast here so don’t get lost.  Scientologists aren’t a blend of religious mixologists living in some colony on South Beach who delved into science in their spare time, like some upstanding bartenders who became religious investigators to lead people to the truth at the bottom of a new cocktail (sound silly, so is the religion).  

They are followers of a foolish old science fiction writer named L. Ron Hubbard, who before his death, publicly confessed to his scam.  He was not just a pretender, he was a bad pretender.  Talk about a cheezy B movie.  And now, some professional pretenders in Hollywood can’t get enough of him.  When you die, you go where your god goes.  You follow him after death the same way you followed him before it.  None of them are in Heaven, you have to go through Christ and only Christ to get there.  There is no argument.  For every man it is the same.  You either followed the Instructions laid out in the Bible, or you did not.

Catholics are not followers of Christ.  Most don’t even know Him because they do not know His Word.  They are followers of a man called the pope, who along with the institution he heads, pretends he has the power to let them in or keep them out of Heaven.  Which hardly qualifies as a really bad joke.  Until about 50 or 60 years ago they were called papists, because the pope is the one they followed.  His title[s] pope sounds oddly unchristian because it is not Christian at all and it is not in the Bible.  Neither are the others, pontificus maximus, vicar of Christ.  Jesus didn’t call anybody these things, these men call themselves these things.  

Mary is not the Mother of God, it is blasphemy just to say such a thing.  God does not have a mother.  They just don’t read the Bible.  Mary was a teenage virgin Hebrew girl like many of her day, that God Almighty chose to use as a vessel to bring forth the physical body that His Son would use when He became a man 2000 years ago in Palestine.  That is all, that is it.  She has absolutely no Divinity whatsoever, never has, never will.  Except the access to Divinity that we are all offered in Christ, if we Obey Him.  

You cannot just make stuff up as you go and call yourself Christian, nobody can.  You might as well join the gay church or the church of satan, they have much more in common with each other than anything to do with Christianity.  Error is error, and God has one answer for all of it – a very hot fire.  But you don’t have to go there, nobody does.  Unless they Insist upon it.

The pope is not a successor of the apostle Peter, but of the Roman Emperors morphed into religious authority.  The emperor just changed clothes, that’s all.  Nuns didn’t come out of any part of Christianity.  They are a continuation [idealogically] of the Vestal Virgins of the Roman Empire, pure paganism.  The priests of the Babylonian cult had everyone confess their sins to them so they could know what was going on in the village, and better control or influence events.  Direct predecessors of the cult of Catholicism.  

None of that has anything at all to do with Biblical Christianity, none of it.  Such things don’t even exist in the Scripture.  Yes they can [and do] take fragments of Scripture out of context, and like all religious people twist them to their own ends, and you could make any book say anything you wanted by doing that.  We look at Scripture in the light of other Scripture, remember.  You have to both look at it [in the micro] and take it as a whole [in the macro] because the whole thing is saying something.  It’s not as though these other religions are preaching different versions of the same thing, and Christians have become resentful and afraid of losing their prominence.  Not even remotely.  I wouldn’t even be religious if that were the case.  I would just be a sinner, and I would be good at it.  I  once was.  

Jesus was chosen by God and authorized to say and do everything He said and did, and He had the anointing to back both it and Himself up.  He walked on the water because He had the anointing, He raised the dead because He had the anointing, He cast out the demons and fed the thousands with a handful . . . because of the anointing.  Not because He is the Son of God, He was that before He came down here.  He came [as a man] to show us [men] how this becoming a son of God was done [by a man] so we [men] could start doing it ourselves in His Name by following His example.  

Your life depends on you personally getting a hold of why He became a man.  It was to bring you and I to the Inside because we were born on the Outside.  It was not just to agree with what He did and then keep doing our own thing like we did before He came, or before we came to Him.  That’s all getting saved is if all you did was say a prayer without realizing you just signed a contract in the spiritual realm.  The Bible says that our words contain the power of life and death.  

With your words you signed a contract, a contract to change – and keep changing.  Until you are just like Jesus.  Which you cannot even begin to do alone.  That’s why He sent a bunch of help, which is all described in His Word.  We can only take the help He sent, religion does not have any help.  The help He sent has power to help you become like Him, not to help you with the plans of your fallen nature to avoid Him.  Every single one of these other religions are followers of corrupted fallen men.  They don’t have any power so they cannot help you – He didn’t send them.

              The Catholic church doesn’t have any of the anointing at all because it doesn’t have any of the authority at all.  It never has had it.  That’s not my opinion.  Go check it out yourself, don’t believe me.  Go check out any Catholic church anywhere on the planet at anytime – including the Vatican.  There’s a strong sense of religion but no presence of God.  A clear demonstration of much control, with a complete absence of [supernatural] Power.  And high ceilings do not denote Power.  But here’s the thing you have to check out – the people, especially the clergy.  The Anointing and Authority are not on buildings – they are on people.  Yes, there are some amazing and spectacular buildings, but that is the whole point.  It’s a Disguise.  

You will notice immediately that the people are devoid of  the true Holiness, Peace and Joy that comes from following God [if you’ve never seen these things you may not know what I’m talking about].  Instead they are filled with a long dead, bone dry, deeply powerless Religion run by a bunch of frustrated fussy effeminate little old men.  Who replaced Him as boss a long time ago.  Hungry for power, lonely for love, they are the Institution that has become both the apex and the epitome of everything God never meant the Body of Christ to be.  This is man on his own without God trying to work his way back to God on his own terms.  It is called Religion, and it is a stench in the nostrils of God.

If you’re not following the plan, the mold, the blueprint, the instructions, the order of battle, the building code that He laid out in His Word about His Son – what makes you think you’re a Follower.  You are not a Christian because you call yourself one, or because you go to church.  You are a Christian because you do what Christ did and told us to do.  And even when you miss it, you only know that you missed it because you know what it was that He did.  Don’t speculate on What Would Jesus Do, the Bible is filled with what He did do.  Go do it.

If you don’t know who He is or what He did, that would be the first thing to get right.  By reading the Gospels.  None of these other religions or the people that started them have any anointing at all, because God did not start them and He doesn’t approve of what they’re doing.  They’re not following the example He sent, and there is only One.  God is not religious, people are.  He didn’t Call them to do all this religion, they called themselves to it.

The anointing is Power, remember.  A power that belongs to Him, comes only from Him, and He gives it to whomever He wants.  Scripture tells us how to get it.  This power is to do what He told you to do in His Word, and is not available for any other purpose.  God does not Call anyone to any sort of ministry without equipping them to do what He called them to.  That’s why so much ministry in the earth is such a dismal failure, including most christian ministry.  They were never Called by God.  

The Authority and Anointing are proof to anyone watching (or asking) that you were called by Him.  They are the ID card.  The absence of them is proof that you were not called, even the heathen could tell.  But that doesn’t mean they would believe, believing is a choice, remember.  Most of what you believe before you get redeemed by believing what Jesus did on the Cross, is nothing more than what you want to believe.  

As a true believer, a real believer [as opposed to someone who just says they are] I cannot just believe anything I want.  I can only Believe what He tells me to.  Which is the first thing that separates those who say they follow Him from those who do follow Him, whatever the religious title.  This following Him by doing only what He says is what changes me – and it will change you.  I know that sounds scary to some, but that’s only because you have a lot of wrong ideas about who He is and what following Him means. 

To believe something other than what God has to say about anything is a sin called unbelief.  Everybody who refuses to believe what God says will be Judged for it.  I said Everybody.  Oh yeah!  He’s God just like that!  Just cause you playin’ don’t mean He’s playin’.  He never was.  If you want to get a hold of this thing you must understand this:  Sin is not a view it is a measure;  It is not an opinion – it is an amount.  You and I are being measured right now.  

All sin leads to death, and all death will end up in Hell.  Nothing that dies will be in Heaven, there is no death there, death cannot exist in God’s presence.  That’s what eternal life means – you never die.  Well you have to get a hold of that here, not when you die.  If you die before you get this right, then when you die all you get is death, and it was entirely your own choice.  Death doesn’t have anything else to give you, it can only give you itself.  That’s why it’s so important to get this right, your Life depends on it.  And you cannot say nobody told me, the Bible told you.  It’s telling you right now.  You just didn’t want to hear it.

There is a very real sense in which this whole thing has been a test, you were being proven the whole time.  What was being proven, the thing that was being shown, was whether you would choose to stay in the Sin you were born into [like most] or allow God to make you into a son [like a few] – all your life long.  This thing is so real, it’s more real than anything in the Universe.  But to access it for yourself you have to believe it for yourself.  And get this, you gotta keep believing it until it changes you, which is a continual process.

Before leaving this subject let me acknowledge that yes, there are some real Brothers and Sisters in Christ among the Catholics.  But they are very much the exception, not the rule.  They are true followers [and lovers] of Christ, who just happen to be part of the Catholic religious cult.  Mostly because they don’t know better, not due to any accidental saving of souls on the part of Catholicism.  

Christians are not and never have been what the Catholic church produces, only religion is produced by religion.  And Catholicism is truly a master religion, full of traditions and dogmas and dysfunction that negate the Word of God.  Perhaps in length of days and breadth of influence, it is the master religion.  You can only make what you are, not what you are not.  Everything produces after it’s own kind. It is a Spiritual law.

One of my favorite testimonies includes one such and comes from a well known [former] Satanic priest named Mike Warnke, who’s been preaching Christ for more than 30 years.  He was much maligned [years ago] by some little unheard of publication that took it upon themselves to investigate him when they should have been minding their own business, or doing God’s.  This was neither.  

As anybody would [and could] if you start looking for faults in [any] man of God – you’ll find them, and you don’t even have to go deep.  The problem with Preachers is . . . they’re just like you.  It is the call on their life that is anointed, not their life.  They have to get through the rest of this stuff just like everybody else.  And like you they fail frequently, and sometimes – fall flat on their faces.  

Well, it turned out that Brother Mike had flat out lied about the numbers [greatly] in one instance, of the size of the Coven he was over.  He said 1500 when in truth it had only been 13, if I remember right.  They used this to cast doubt on everything else he said, when this was the only real deception.  Now he shouldn’t have done that, he was as wrong as he could be  And in case there’s any confusion – God hates Lying.  He hates all lies, the Bible is very clear on it.  Don’t you be a liar, about anything.  For the Christian, there are only two options:  tell the truth, or say nothing.  That’s it. 

That’s one of the reasons the Catholic church is such a complete failure in the spiritual realm, because it’s a bald faced Lie.  It will be Judged very soon.  But the reason I brought Mike Warnke into this, is because the Lord took him to a place in his walk with Him and showed him that there had been a woman praying for him every day for 7 years, and if this woman had not been praying for him, he wouldn’t have made it.  Her name was Sister Mary Bonifice[?], and she was a Catholic nun.  God bless her.  I cannot bless her religion.  It is forbidden in Scripture. 

It had nothing to do with her being a Catholic [or a nun], that was incidental,  it was all about her commitment to obey God’s command to pray for your enemies, to bless those who curse you.  Doing what God says will work for anyone who does it, anyone.  That is what we’re talking about here – God’s Plan.  Which is the only thing that brings the results that He promises.  Not any man’s version of it.  If you’re Catholic then like the Muslim, all you need do is repent.  Then get out of that thing, and stay out.  

Don’t wait till it collapses to become a Christian, it might be too late by then.  Become one now.  God is not against you He is for you.  He is not mad at you, He approves of you – in Christ.  But everything in the earth and the system running it for the last 6000 years is on its way out, and if you don’t get out while you still can – then when it goes down, you go down with it.  Most people would never gamble with 5 dollars the way they are gambling with their eternity right now.  Are you a gambling man.  The Bible tells us in the book of Hebrews that God is the Author and Finisher of our Faith.  He began it and He will end it.  But He is not obligated to finish anything He did not author.  Stick to the Script.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

Making of a Monster

We age from the brain down.  By the time we turn 30, we’ve lost about a sixth of our brain mass.  In my early thirties, I noticed I was getting mentally duller.  A sort of dark cloud had set in over my thinking, and my long standing quiet desperation was joined by an impending anger in the atmosphere of my mind.   The foundation for the degenerative brain conditions and dementia that plague the elderly of our day isn’t built in our fifties and sixties, it begins in our thirties, even our late twenties.  That is where the foundation is laid.  Your short term memory begins to slip a little here, a little there, and you actually become aware that you are not as sharp as you used to be.  You can see it, you know it while it is happening to you.  You can see yourself shutting down.

I had been part of the coffee house culture in San Diego since my mid 20’s, and though I wasn’t excessive with caffeine, I did have my double mocha (or something like it) every day for the better part of fifteen years.  As I grew older I shifted to cappuccino’s in an effort to streamline the sugar, as two toxins are more damaging than one.  Besides, if you have an appreciation for the aesthetic, cappuccino’s are much more pleasing to the eye  than most coffee drinks.  At least a well made one is.  But no matter how beautiful the cup a joe, caffeine is still a toxin.  It is a biological pesticide; meaning the plants that make it use it to kill bugs.  We make a drink out of it.  

Now I’ve never been a teetotaler, but have always been moderate, even in my fixations.  Manage your toxins (or poisons) is what I had always  told my clients.  I had been in the health and fitness industry in So Cal for many years as a trainer and nutritionist, and knew that caffeine (as well as coffee) was toxic to my health.  But I also knew that like so many things we ingest, it had a few somewhat desired beneficial effects.  In this case, that of being both a stimulant and a thermogenic.  Providing a dose of liquid motivation while increasing your internal temperature, causing you to burn more fat.  Now that is not why I drank it, there are far superior natural supplements that if taken in the proper dosage and timing, are actually what your body uses to deal with (and burn) fat.  And by the way the eating of fat, the consumption of it is not the problem, and it never has been.  

There are whole tribes in Africa and whole nations like France, that consume much more fat than we Americans do – and don’t have near the heart problems.  It is the sugar, and we have known it for years.  Linus Pauling, the nutrition guru if there ever was one, proved that two decades ago.  Findings of other researchers coming to the same conclusion were published in the British journal of medicine Lancet, at around the same time.  We just don’t want to hear it cause we are addicted to it.  It is sugar that causes the athero and arteriosclerosis of the build up of platelets of plaque on the artery walls, not fat.  And the fake sugars like aspertame, and acesulfame K are even worse for your health.  We are not exactly sure what they do in the body, but it is believed they cause cancer.

Every time your night vision is hit with the headlights of an oncoming car, vitamin A is destroyed in the retina of your eye – every time.  Vitamin E extends the lifespan of every cell in your body, every cell lives longer just because you take it.  Vitamin C is the strongest booster to your immune system period.  It is even better than pure Interferon injections, if it came down to that for you.  Stress alone destroys vitamin C in your system, so does smoking, even second hand smoke.  It is the precursor to collagen, and is used in every step of the body’s synthesizing of collagen.  Which is the most abundant material in your body, making up your skin, a large part of your organs eyes teeth hair bones, etc.  

Vitamin C has more benefit to the human body than anything (including drugs) that we’ve ever discovered.  But I’m telling you it’s not enough.  Pauling took about 18,000 milligrams a day, I take a minimum of 8 to 10 grams a day.  When I’ve been attacked by some of the bugs that have gone around in recent years (some have tried to kill me) – I’ve gotten as high as 50,000 mg plus in a single day, 5 grams per hour for 10 hours.  It kept the death off me for that day.  But it’s still not enough to keep it off forever, because I am dying.  Just like you.  Little by little, every day a little more – my body is wearing down.  But thank God, the life is not in the body.

The life is in the spirit, that is what gives your body life.  When your spirit leaves your soul goes with it, and your body drops to the ground.  The life of the body on a physical level is in the blood just like the Bible says, which is why Jesus shedding His blood is such a big deal.  His death on the cross was a physical historical event, but the real substance of what He was doing was spiritual.  If you don’t know that you miss the whole point.  It was through the shedding of this blood that He laid down His life.  Most of this book and really all  of my writing is about this on some level.  This whole thing has never been about whether or not you are going to die, everybody’s gonna die.  It’s an important part of the process.  The question has always been what does that mean.  Where are you going when you die.  

That fearful word simply has a very different meaning right this minute (and every minute) for anyone who chooses to follow Christ.  It is not that unbelievers have no ideas about death, God or the Bible, they just have a bunch of wrong ones.  They know they are going to die, they just don’t know what that means.  That is why they are afraid.  Many spend their entire lives afraid of dying.  From the world’s perspective, death is not a response to immortality but to mortality.  Well God says that you are Immortal, if you follow Him.  So do you want to believe what death says, because it does have something to say.  Or will you choose to believe God.  He’s the one that gave you the ability to choose at all, and He gave all things that have the ability, the ability to say anything.

For the Christian the best part of this life is to go on into the next, providing you die the right way at the right time.  Which is all tied directly to doing what He told you to do for your life, allowing you to die in Faith.  We have Christians, including many ministers (some walking in great power) who die young and die wrong every single day.  Because they did not do what God told them.  Never mind the heathen.  As a Believer you cannot have a death wish, that contradicts too much Scripture.  But for anyone who really knows the Scripture, and really knows God – we do look forward to it.  Leaving this dying life and its struggle for existence is not a step down, it is a step up into real Life.  The life we were all meant to live.  The Bible is very clear on it. 

Now if you have issues with authority, and God is the ultimate; it is at this point that you will begin shutting down your learning posture and, ever so slightly, take up a defensive position.  But I wish you wouldn’t.  God is not the bad guy in this tale – He is the only Hero.  You and I have been set up through deception by an Enemy we cannot even see, to live in a way we did not even know was bad, and then blame God for the badness.  Which is the best way to stop us from receiving His Goodness.  Which He is the sole Author of.  

The intention of this deception was to blind us yes (like all deception), but it was not alone.  It uses bitterness resentment and offense as food to keep us blind, and keep us tied to the most blinding of all sins – Pride.  We are offended at God.  We are mad at Him.  If you keep depositing His Word into your spirit, it will change all of that.  It is one of the reasons He gave it to us.  But what I want to attempt in the next few chapters is to expose the system of Tyranny (a spiritual system) that has run the world through the thoughts, behavior and attitudes of men since the Flood.  Noah’s Flood of course as it’s called, since Lucifer’s Flood (as it’s called) happened much earlier.  We think long before Adam and Eve.

Now some of you are gonna choke on that including some christians, because you don’t know the Bible.  Even worse for many, the little you know you do not Believe.  That is alright, just keep reading and you will know more than you did before you read this.  The real question is will you Believe it.  Which in christianity is simply a choice, remember.  You cannot be a Christian and not believe the Bible.  Just as you cannot be a believer of the Bible and not do what it says.  The fact that hundreds of millions of people throughout the world do this very sin everyday of their life their whole life long, has nothing to do with it. 

We do not determine the will of God by people’s inability to receive it.  We determine it by what His Word says, which you are given time to get good at.  The opportunity for man to get this right is not over until Christ returns.  Death does not get any of us out of it.  It just removes you from the physical realm to the spiritual realm, where you are no longer able to change anything you did during your physical life, but simply await the Judgment.  Which would really suck if you are not right with God.  This life is your chance to both get it, and get it right.  To get what.  To get Him and His Kingdom – The King and His Way of doing things.  Jesus is The King, remember. That’s why they crucified Him. 

Everybody and Everything we’ve ever done and said – will be Judged. Everybody, everything.  This is not about escaping samsara so you can enter nirvana.  Buddha is in Hell right now.  Besides, there is no such place as nirvana, no way and it’s power (Tao Te Ching) for those unfamiliar with Taoism.  No Zarathustra except at the beginning of 2001: a space odyssey – and in that one he doesn’t even speak.  He has nothing to say.  The Sikhs are still seeking, the Hindus have been confused for longer than any can remember – and kutti pi (cootie pie) is still forbidden in Scripture.  The internal darkness of the Indian subcontinent was legend even in Alexander’s day.  

What is inside you comes out of you, always.  Jesus didn’t come the first time to make your fallen nature better, but to kill it.  He is not coming the 2nd time to run for election, but to take over.  All life belongs to Him, He is the Author of it. Don’t you get it – the whole world system with all of it’s empire, society and culture, it’s sex, lies and videotape – have got it all wrong.  Completely and horribly wrong.  It’s good that everyone liked Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia – but both authors were not only friends, they were devout believers.  Don’t miss the forest for the trees.  Which simply means not to miss the big picture for the little ones, and don’t mistake a part for the whole.  They are two totally different things.  A hand is not a body, nor was it ever meant to be.

We have way too many people who refuse to get submitted to God ordained authority. They are running around trying to be a hand without a body, when they haven’t met the qualifications of being even a finger.  Which stems from nothing more than self obsession advanced through self promotion.  Just because you’re momma taught you how to manipulate and control other people into doing what you want, whether it be through sex, emotions, the right words, intimidation, refusing to do what you know to do, holding back the good that you’re able to do, the charisma of your personality, or the sheer force of your own dominance –  means absolutely nothing.  It just means you are not attached to what God is doing.  Which puts you in the same position as Lucifer, or Judas, or Hitler, or Manson, whatever the name of your favorite tyrant.  Someone who has to force their own will because they refuse to crucify it.  

All of which is on it’s way out, as none of it is part of His Kingdom. You will have some influence, and you will make a difference, but only in the place God assigns you.  Which is what makes it authorized.  Man does not have the answer for solving world hunger or bringing about global peace – man is the problem.  His fall from God’s grace in the garden 6000 years ago is the reason for the mess, and there is an answer.  His name is Jesus, and He is the only answer.  People just don’t like the answer – so they keep looking for a new one.  There is no other.  If you really really knew God as He is, you would love Him instantly.  More than you have ever loved anyone or anything.

God will give you some authority on a certain level, and He wants to, but only after you get to know Him.  All true authority comes from God and belongs to Him.  Many people spend much of their life saying things they are not authorized to say.  Let’s take the recent interest in the theory of global warming as an example.  And it is just a theory.  In case there’s any confusion, let me remind you that a theory is an idea about something that we do not know and cannot prove.  I said we don’t know.  Just because a theory is put forth by a scientist does not make it science.  Any more than something a chef says turns into food when he says it.  Putting a bunch of words together does not suddenly give them meaning, no matter who you are.  

True science is observable, it is provable – that’s what makes it science, and every scientist knows that.  Most just don’t want to talk about this theory that way because they don’t believe in God.  Which is what they’re really trying to say with all this thoroughly modern bull of evolving, doing time on Mars, and radio carbon dating.  They’re all 100% theory and speculation without any scientific backing of any kind whatsoever.  How about getting better at the time we are all doing here right now.  How bout that.  How can we do this without God, how can we get around Him.  That is the only question rebellious man is trying to answer, and has been for millennia.  Well that is a heart posture not an equation, and where that attitude came from is part of what we’re talking about. 

Easily half of what we falsely call science today is nothing but sheer unfounded, unprovable speculation put out by people who hate God.  The guy who came up with the idea of global warming did not get it from studying anything on this planet.  We haven’t been studying anything with the depth or length necessary to make such outlandish assertions.  It was a NASA scientist studying Mercury from a long ways away through a looking glass that said all this stuff.  Well Mercury is a barren, lifeless, inferno of a rock without any atmosphere at all.  He’d do better to go ask Vin Diesel what his character thought of being stranded on the planet Crematoria (the closest Hollywood comes to  Mercury) in the Chronicles of Riddick; a film where the muslims are the downtrodden good guys and the christian like conquerers are the bad guys.  Only deep debilitating ignorance could get it so wrong.  At least he’d learn from an actor who’s helping to tell a story – how to tell a better one.  You may think I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not.  

You need to always know your sources, always.  Find out where people got what they are saying from before you believe it.  What you believe effects everything about you, and the devil knows it.  Which is why he spends so much time perverting belief.  This researcher was either unhappy or needs to get a life, but one thing is for certain; we do not even possess the ability to say what is being said with such an insignificant amount of knowledge.  The data does not support the conclusion, not even remotely.  Everything we thought we knew about the planets in the 80’s changed in the 90’s, and the same from the 90’s into the new millennium – everything.  

All of our former conclusions were wrong, about so many things – and not just due to our Ignorance.  Though ignorance can be a sin if it is willful, which comes from our Pride.  Only ego as the vehicle of pride is capable of stretching such a small amount of rubber with so much hot air, that it could fill a balloon to carry us away to another planet.  It’s the fall that kills you.  After believing such a big lie for so long about a myriad of things, it will be difficult for many to recover.  You were commanded to deal with the atmosphere of your soul surrounding your spirit, contained in the only earth you have any control over – your body.  And you have not.  You’ve refused to.  If you won’t do the little you’ve been equipped to handle, what makes you think you can effect repairs on something you didn’t make and don’t have the capacity to.  Like everything else it was already here when you got here.

The fact that man completely ignores God, breaks all of His commandments.  While agreeing collectively that he should keep at least the minimum necessary to stop civilization from collapsing into anarchy is not new, it is old.  It goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden.  Where the first man got out from under God’s authority, by seeking a compromise. Something in between what God said, and what they heard another god say.  Except this one wasn’t in charge of anything, this god had no authority.  All he had was an Agenda.  Which could only work if he could talk someone else out of their God given authority, and he did.  This isn’t about the sky falling in like chicken little, it is about who’s in charge.  And you don’t have any say over who’s in charge over all, but only in who’s charge you are.  

The one you submit to is the one in charge of you.  That’s what the Bible says.  It is a spiritual Law.  And if you don’t choose the One clearly visible in the Light (all the light comes from Him, all the Light points to Him) – then you get the one you cannot see (who’s hiding in the dark).  Because if you could see him, there is no way in Hell that you’d choose him.  These Truths supersede all the laws of physics, mathematics and chemistry combined – and therefore all true Science. 

Not the modern speculation that has quite intentionally departed from Newtonian Physics, who himself was a Christian.  The science God gave him was provable then as it is now – it was tangible, demonstrable.  It was quite certain and very clear, not foggy.  All of this modern speculation that makes up so much of Archaeology, Physics, Astronomy, Genetics and so on is not a product of any facts.  It is a product of the will of man.  Which is against God, and has been since the Fall.  Thus the need for Him to salvage us, to redeem us, to bring us back to Himself.  It’s not an equation, but an Invitation.  Which means you can refuse.

All physical laws come from Spiritual Laws, all of them.  God is in charge in every sense of the word and could have done it all differently, and in the worlds to come, very well might.  I don’t mean that He will violate His own Spiritual Laws, I mean that He can completely rearrange the physical laws that are subject to them.  That’s what supernatural means remember.  Something that comes in from the outside from beyond the natural and overcomes it, subdues it, and in a very real sense dominates it.  2008 A.D. – Anno Domini, yeah.  The year of the One who dominates.  Well that would be God.  And you and I are still being given time to get right with Him, before the door closes.  Because you have dominated your own life all your life, which was never part of the plan.  You did not in the sense of environment and the things that befell you, but in the sense of your will and your choice of response that comes from it.  And if anything could be truly said to be your own, it would be your response.

Everyone who has ever lived has responded to God, and everyone living is responding to Him right now.  It is just not over yet, and most of the responses are not the right ones.  The proper responses are all in a book called the Bible because none of us have them within ourself, not in our fallen nature.  The Bible is not for God it is for us, it’s the key to His House.  And with God there is no possibility of breaking in.  You will either take the key He gives for free to anyone and everyone who wants it.  Or you will stay with the multiple spiritual handicaps and tremendous disadvantage you were born into. 

All of which disqualify you for  His Kingdom.  A deadly inheritance.  There are no special olympics in the world that’s coming  because there’s nothing broken, nothing missing.  Everything and everyone is truly really beautiful, and none of it is just skin deep.  You just cannot see what you are looking at really is until the end, until we get there. Deception covers everything you see now in it’s natural fallen state, and comes from the enemy of your soul.  Not from God.  Your refusal to know that  is a choice that you are completely responsible for, and without excuse. 

Complete surrender to Him is essential to entering in.  That is why Jesus came, that is  why the Bible was written.  To bring us back to God.  Not to start a religion.  God is not and never has been religious.  He certainly did not give us something like the Bible just so we could refuse to read it.  So in another chapter I’ll tell you about this guy who responded  improperly back near the trunk of the tree, which is why it affects you and me.  Somewhere  between Adam and here.  He started a system still working today, and you and I are a part of it.  But there is a way out if you don’t like where this world is going.  But only one way.  The part of self that does not like that  is the part that is just like the enemy.  You were made that way in the sense you were born into a corrupt system.  Which is why He came to set you free from it.  All you gotta do is say yes.

You may proclaim your innocence in the initial corruption, which is true.  But ever since then we have all been complicit in a thousand ways, as we commit the sin of Adam every day.  Being led by what you feel think or see, instead of being led by what God has to say.  Not having caused the problem – we also didn’t  bring about the solution.  God did that.  We don’t get credit or blame for either.  Your fallen nature  wants to work it’s way back in instead of following His Plan.  Just thinking that we can is part of  the deception. 

God has the solution so set up, so exact, so mathematically perfect, that all we are left with is a choice.  This choice tells the entire truth about you and I, literally and tragically.  All  that God needs to know to make a right, proper, just decision about where we will spend eternity.  It tells Him whose side we are on.  Everybody fails.  Making the wrong choice concerning Him is part of the corruption. I’m here to do my small part and help you with that.  But like all  true ministers, I have power to only do my part.  Without the power I’d just be adding to the corruption.  The power is what changes you.  Both the power and even the desire to draw near it, comes from Him.  Come close and you’ll get some.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

The Fake Commission

The purpose of the Ministry is not to meet the needs of the people.  Though most of the church is involved in doing just that, and only that – it was never God’s plan.  Having been taught at many seminaries for the last several decades, this liberal doctrine has become one of the biggest Lies of the last century.  The needs of people will get met as a side effect of true ministry performing its function, which has always been establishing the will of God in the earth.  Not making sure everybody has enough to eat, a warm blanket, and a comfortable life as they are.  So they can continue in the rebellion and ignorance of their own will, living the ungrateful disobedient life they were born into.  As though God is going to subsidize mutiny and treason.  What verse is that.  That is why His Wrath is coming on the world.

God’s Will is His Word, His Word is His Will – He does not have a Will (for your life) outside of His Word.  Everybody in the Pentecostal / Word of Faith camp knows I’m quoting F.F. Bosworth, with the emphasis being my own.  But most of the “church” is unfamiliar with the great moves of the Spirit in their own lifetime.  I mean of just the last 10 years, let alone what came out of Azusa Street a hundred years ago.  The outpouring in Brownsville and Toronto have impacted the lives of thousands, and I number it only in the thousands as it’s not the volume of people that attend these moves (when they were in full swing), but those who do something with what they got.  If they got anything at all.  A very small percentage of believers in American have even heard the names of these places.  But they are known all over the world among a certain group within the Spirit Filled churches, made up of multiple denominations.

Now the first distinction I’m going to make between what I call the fake commission and the Great Commission of the Bible is not a denominational one, but rather a spiritual one.  In fact the first distinction is the Holy Spirit.  More specifically – the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Which is not only Scriptural, it is essential if you want to have any power.  Remove the power that comes only with being baptized in the Holy Ghost, and all you have is Religion.  Dead dry, poverty stricken, working for a living (instead of living off your Giving), rule keeping, going to church is all I can do, I can’t afford to tithe, Hep me Lord! Hep! Hep me! (help you do what, your own will) – I don’t believe you, I don’t trust you, an I really don’t even know if I like you, but I know I don’t want you to Judge me, or send me to Hell – after all, I am a good person . . . Religion.

It has been the bane of Christianity since Jesus was taken up to Heaven  in the very sight of the apostles, nearly 2000 years ago.  Men trying to get to the One and Only God their own way instead of His One and Only Way.  All because they don’t want to do what they’re told.  People don’t mind spirituality as long as it’s divorced from authority.  Submission to the plan and the will of God for your life as well as just the idea of discipline, have become nothing less than forbidden language in the modern humanist church of today.  So we have tens of thousands of churches in America with millions of so called christians who don’t do anything the Bible says (except maybe not cuss and go to church), and can hardly be distinguished from the heathen.  Whom they’re supposed to be bringing into the Kingdom.  If they want to come.  We don’t get the results that Jesus got because we don’t preach the gospel He preached.  The subject of which is actually another point, which we’ll get to in a minute.

So, the line I will draw in the sand here dividing all true Biblical (which can only mean Protestant) Christianity into two sides – is between those with the Holy Spirit, and those without.  I deal with Catholicism in another chapter, and to some degree throughout my writing, which is a christian cult and not true Christianity at all.  If you take all the men and women of God throughout the earth who are actually performing (not attempting) the commands Jesus authorized in the  Bible, and possess the power needed to do so, folks like; Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Keith Moore, Rick Joyner, John Hagee, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Michael Pitts, Keith Butler, Bill Winston, Reinhard Bonnke, Heidi Baker, David Hogan, Rodney Howard Browne, to name a few.

Some of the latter names are lesser known here, but well known in Heaven.  And if we continue the list to include the thousands whose names will never be known in the world as it is on one side – and all the other sincere Believers (many in Ministry) who truly are Christian but do not have the power of God operating in their life or ministry, on the other side.  The thing that separates them, the line in the sand if you will, is those who have been Baptized in the Holy Spirit – and all the others who have not been Baptized in the Holy Spirit.  That’s all.  Nothing else.  And it is amazing how many of those without the Spirit, and even more within the much larger churchgoing group that makes up most of christianity – are completely unaware of this simple fact.

I mean several of these Ministries I’ve just named have raised people from the dead – one of them has raised more than 300 in one region of Mexico alone.  Yet most people who call themselves christians have not only never heard of this, they do not know anyone who has.  Even worse they aren’t sure they would believe it if they saw it.  Listen friend, raising the dead, healing the sick, casting out demons, walking on the water, seeing into the spiritual realm – are all Biblical events.  Jesus not only did them, He said that any and all who believed in Him would do these things and greater than these.  Not knowing that He said that, and not knowing the rest of the Bible just means you are not attached to what God is doing.  Because like most of the world you are too busy doing you’re own thing.  And the Lord is supposed to let you into Heaven for what reason.

Now no one person does everything, the Bible is quite clear on that.  In fact we all have only a part to play in the greater whole, and all of the above named are Ministers over Ministries.  So please don’t hear what I am not saying.  But these things have been going on since Christ left, on up to this very moment.  And if you don’t know of or support Ministries like these, and don’t know anybody who does – what makes you think you are a Christian.  Because you go to church.  The truth is most so called christians do not know the Bible and  they do not believe it.  Most don’t even read it.  They simply agree with some of the morality and truth in it.  They give mental assent to some of its basic tenants, and mistakenly think this to be the same as actually doing what the Bible says.

It is as though they have taken the partial truth of Scripture contained in the verse “As a man thinketh in his Heart, so is he”, and twisted it into a post modern philosophical equivalent of “I Agree, therefore I am.”  Which of course to be true, could only come from the position of crowning the intellect king, as our modern society has done.  All of this from the uncontested supremacy of Self and its own will determining its own destiny.  Which to put it simply, If you are your own King as most christians are – then Jesus is not.  And if He is not your King, your life down here as a believer was of no importance.  I know all sorts of religious folks will not like that, but then they didn’t like Jesus either.  In fact, it is the religious people of His day who crucified Him.   He did not come just to get you to Heaven, He came to get you under His Authority, remember.

You were born into a world under the authority of Lucifer, who’s authority you are under whether you want to be or not.  This world as it is is not only passing away, it’s going to be destroyed.  If you don’t get out from under it and the authority that runs it, then you’ll be destroyed along with it, because that is the punishment he’s getting.  Except destruction in the  sense as it relates to spirits is not an event, it’s a condition – and is eternal.  In fact Hell was made for him and his fallen angels.  It doesn’t matter whether you think this fair or not – you have no authority except the Authority that God has given you in Christ.  If you reject that knowledge, that Truth of His Word, that rejection is what will destroy you – and the Bible says so.  And because God’s Word, God’s Truth, God’s Knowledge are Spiritual – they must become a condition in your life, not an event.

Until they become a condition, what you call your christianity will not work for you because it is not real, you’re just pretending.  Which is one of the main things Lucifer helps people to do.  He doesn’t just use lying – he invented it.  If your christianity isn’t working down here you won’t make it work up there, for you will not be going to Heaven.  You’re not being locked out – you’ve chose not to come in, and there’s only One Way in.  And until you’re saying what He’s saying, until what He’s saying is coming up out of you – you’re just saying your own thing (or someone else’s).  Neither of which get you to Heaven, but only end up where the Authority you were under was going the whole time.  That’s what the Scripture – “God is not mocked, You Reap what You Sow”(emphasis mine) means.  God is not playing, He never was – whether you were or not. Are you beginning to see the need for discipleship here.  I didn’t say do you like it, do you want it (it’s not your show) – I said do you see it.  If some of this is offending your Flesh, it’s supposed to.

Because the world system is Lucifer’s show and Lying is the language he speaks, the time has to be taken to peel back layer after layer of well established Lies which we call long held beliefs, just so you can see some of the Truth.  Not any truth – God’s Truth.  Which is the only truth that matters.  So the next lie I have to expose so that you can see His Truth that has been covered by this Lie – is what I call the Salvation Machine, which is the only machine most churches have going.  This idea of coming down to the front and “getting Saved” by saying a prayer, and that making you a christian – is a fairly recent phenomenon of the last half century or so.  It is a modern invention.  Prior to the Industrial Revolution, and really even up to World War II, the societies of every so called christian nation were filled with a people who knew what being a Christian meant.  Whether they were one or not.

Nowadays in this most modern era, this Space Age, people as a whole not only have no idea of what being a Christian means, they have a lot of wrong ideas.  I mean christians have no idea what it means to be a Christian.  We were never told to make converts, which is actually a marketing concept that comes out of the Babylonian System of commerce and trade.  That concept is all about the numbers, it’s just been dragged into the church.  But we are commanded to make disciples, which is someone who has been disciplined with the Truth.  By someone who is living that Truth more than they are.  You can only be discipled by someone who is ahead of you in this thing.  The Word the Lord gave me to impart to all my disciples, and they to theirs is – I’m being disciplined with the Word of God by a man of God to do the things of God . . . and it is changing my life.

One of my favorite Bible Teachers is Keith Moore, who said in one of his sermons Ignorance needs Instruction, Rebellion needs Discipline.  We are so very ignorant of who God is and what He has for us, but it is a willful ignorance.  In all 1st world nations and in this modern era (especially) it’s not the availability of His Plan that is lacking.  It is our refusal to hear it – and among most who’ve heard it, a refusal to do it.  Both of which are pure rebellion, and the very thing that got Lucifer in trouble.  The immediate absence of God’s final Judgment and our not currently existing in the state of eternal death that follows such a judgment, lulls us into the false expectation that it will not happen and that it is not coming.

When just the opposite is true, wrath is already here – and is manifesting little by little, more and more each day.  The delay is His mercy to us, which is Time.  Time to get it right, by getting right with Him, which is the whole reason Christ came.  To get us Right with God.  It will all culminate in the return of the King and the final Wrath of God being poured out on all who refused to make Jesus King in their own life by the time of His Return.  There is no way out but up, and to go up you must go through Him.  If you refuse to go through Him you have essentially called God a liar, and everything He has said about Himself and His Son in His Word – a lie.  Which will send you to Hell.  It actually says that in the Bible.  Your not knowing it because you refused to know it will not get you out of it, and in fact will help to condemn you.

That is why discipleship is so essential.  It is the thing that gets Christ formed in you.  It takes you from saying He is your Savior to living for Him as your King.  To get into His Kingdom – He must be your King.  Getting saved is good, but it is not the Great Commission – making disciples is.  If all you did was say a prayer, and all you do is go to church, and you have been told that makes you a christian – you’ve been lied to.  And you of your own free will believing what they said without checking it against what He said, makes you just as complicit as they are.  If you choose to live in the darkness of this world and it’s system when Light has come in and offered itself – then it is in darkness you will remain when the Light takes over.  It is so important to get this right.

Light is so made and so powerful at pushing darkness out of the way, that aboard military ships at sea when we set a condition called darkened ship (at night), you couldn’t even smoke a cigarette on deck as the light of it could be seen miles away.  Darkness does not have a power like Light does.  They are not even comparable, darkness is not so to speak Light’s opposite.  Man did not invent the atom, but we did uncover it.  When we split the atom and discovered nuclear fission and fusion weapons – we just stepped onto the very threshold of beginning to understand the basics of the power of Light. 

Now we have laser surgery and laser canons, and are learning more and more about the speed of Light.  Which is the speed right below the level the Spirit Realm operates at all the time . . . the speed of Thought.  You see darkness has no power like that – it is just the absence of Light, as Hell is the absence of God.  Light has come into the world, and the source of that Light is about to enter the world.  We are all of us responding to Him.  You are responding to Him right now.  No response is a response, it’s just not the right one.  But you can fix that.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

Leaving The Fallen

When man sinned through Adam in the fall of man, what he lost was his original specific nature.  He became a prisoner in his own body when he died spiritually, and was now dominated by his emotion and intellect.  When your body and mind team up together (which is your normal state) we call that the carnal mind.  Also called the fallen or flesh nature, or just flesh for short.  To be carnally minded is death, as it is the death nature we arrived at in the fall.  It is the place we fell to and the thing we are talking about when we say man is fallen.  It is not something you come to through a few bad choices, it’s how you were born.  It is the very way we are in the earth.  Whether you like it or not, regardless of how you feel about it.  Your feelings and thoughts have absolutely no impact on this condition you inherited, and are actually part of the problem.  In the fallen nature they will act only to distract you from identifying this condition.  Because when you see it you will have to do something about it.  You will have to get out of it.

The problem is not in your skin it’s in your spirit, which is dead.  Which is kind of why you are not aware of your spirit, and the things of God seem so unreal to you.  You cannot fix a spiritual problem with flesh and blood, though they will be involved.  Spiritual problems must be fixed spiritually.  The essential meaning of spiritual death is to be separated from God.  That is why Jesus had to finally be separated from God spiritually, which was the worst part for Him.  He had never been separated from God, ever.  That’s why He said “My God My God why have you forsaken Me,” which meant why have you left me, why have you departed from me.  Now God is a Spirit and deals with everything Spiritually, including you, me and the fall of man.  The reason God had to become a man to fix everything is because it was a man who broke it.

Paradise was lost under the authority of a man (given to him by God), so God became a man to bring it all back.  Which is the only way He could do it and be right.  Leading us to one of the first things you have to get clear about God, is that He is always Right.  About everything.  He is never wrong, not once not ever, about anything.  He wants you to be Right too, but it’s all something He is going to do.  All you and I do is let Him.  Before He can make you Right, you have to admit that you are wrong in relation to Him and His plan for your life.  Most people will not admit to this lifelong error because they are too proud.  Though few stop to consider what exactly they are proud about.  It is the sin that separates us most from God, the Great Sin as C.S. Lewis calls it.  That is why the devil fights so hard to keep you bound by your past, to keep you trapped in it.  If you are continually defined by your past and the sin you were born into, then you will never become the son that God wants to make you.

Eden was a real place.  In it our heart and our head would have been in alignment.  After the fall they came into conflict.  They are still that way today.  After receiving Christ as your Savior the biggest battle is to bring your head back under the control of your heart, and keep it there every single day.  To do so is to become spiritually minded, which is only done by washing your mind in the water of His Word daily.  His Word is His plan for your life, and will even bring you to the things it does not talk about.  But only as you continually fill yourself up with it.  Most christians don’t do this themselves, which is why they don’t act any different than people who are not Christians.  But then that’s not really being a Christian, it is just saying you are.  Everything outside of His Word is part of some plan, it’s just not His.  Most of it was designed to distract you in the short term, from doing His plan.  But in the end it is meant to kill you.  Along the way it will just steal from you and destroy things.  That is actually another name of the enemy of our soul in the Bible – the Destroyer.

Because this death thing is a large part of what you were born into, until you get rid of it, it will always be there waiting for you.  Its success rate is 100%, with the single exception of One.  The One who defeated death.  In all of history only Christ did this, anybody who says different is just flat out lying.  There were hundreds of eyewitnesses, many of whom wrote the Bible.  Both the Old and New Testament.  Moses saw Him, David saw Him, Elijah saw Him.  You could say on some level that all the prophets saw Him, and the whole Old Testament (the Hebrew Tanakh) was written by prophets.  In the New Testament more than 400 people saw Him at one time, after He was raised from the dead.  As well as His disciples, who saw Him several times after His resurrection.  We must always remember that the Bible is a record of multiple eyewitness testimonies.

If you really want to get ahold of the big picture in world religion, you have to remember that only the Bible is historical.  It is not more historical than the others, it is the most historical document of any nation and any era in all of world history.  Period.  It always has been.  The historicity has always been incontestable.  Just because we live in the information age and the era of the skeptic does not change anything.  Believing is a choice, and we live among a people who choose to believe in nothing but the moment, and the continual attempt to satisfy Self for that moment.  It certainly does not change the facts, let alone the Truth.  The only thing it means is you better check yourself, make sure you take a good look at who you are believing.  I mean look at their life, and the way they live or lived it.

With the exception of particular disciplines in science and mathematics, we are not taught all the facts pertaining to any particular Truth.  You are taught some of the facts as we know them, which all combined only equal a partial Truth.  Which means what we are mostly taught is what people think.  Professors at university and your favorite school teacher do not teach you Truth.  Most do not have any so they teach you what they believe.  And a belief is simply something you think to be True (whether it is or not is irrelevant).  Now you do learn a fair amount of facts in any given school year, maybe  about 20 to 30%, depending on what was studied.  But facts for the most part tell you how we look at it now, not how anything really is.

Some facts change daily, even more change within a matter of years.  Within a century, more than half of what we thought we knew gets turned on its head.  The last 100 years have been no exception.  That is the thing you have to get clear about facts, is that they mostly change.  Whereas Truth does not change at all.  Truth supersedes facts, always.  Truth is what the right disciplines ministered in the right way by the right people, lead you to.  Truth is what the facts (in this context – not all) are trying to uncover, trying to show you.  So the real question is – do you want to know the Truth, or do you prefer the bliss of ignorance.  The comfortability of it.  Because the Truth will make you uncomfortable, as it insists that you change.  But in that change it will lead you not only to life, but to eternal life, the God kind of life.  Which is the truest form of life.

As a Christian minister what I minister is Gods Truth, which is The Truth.  But I do not have all of it, only a part, as all ministers do.  And I can only minister what my part has, not what I feel like or happen to think.  Ministering what my part has comes with a power that we call the anointing, which comes only if your ministry as an entity and what you are ministering in belief through teaching – are authorized.  The authority of course being God, and His plan or constitution being His Word – the Bible.  God having called you and appointed you to that Office of ministry is the only way to get the power.  There is no other, there is just a bunch of people pretending.  Many of them are the clergy in the church.  Ordination is not on paper its in power.  Both the Call to an Office of ministry and the ordination of it (the power makes it official) are from and of God.

Not a college, seminary, piece of paper, or group of men anywhere can Ordain you.  It is impossible and everyone involved knows it.  Nor will you find a single example of such a thing anywhere in Scripture.  The Biblical model is drastically different from the education model used by every modern nation.  Nothing wrong with education, it’s a good thing, even a wonderful thing.  But it is not at all the same thing as God ordaining you.  There are of course some ministers in various Christian Churches who were called by God, and got an education as well.  But their education did not give them the anointing.  You have to get up under someone with the anointing to get the anointing.  The vast majority of those in the man made religious institution of the church did not answer a call from God, nor were they ordained by Him.  It simply appealed to their personality or intellect, or they thought it a good idea.

That is why there is so little power at work in so many churches.  God did not call the men running them, they called themselves.  So if you do not know Jesus don’t despair, most christians don’t know Him either.  They just say they do, and spend their whole lives doing little or nothing of what He says.  Which is the only way you will get to know Him, by doing what He says – not acting as though you like Him.  You can agree that He died, but it is not enough.  The demons believe that, and they tremble.  The two offices of ministry in the Hebrew Tanakh (the Old Testament of the Christian Bible) were replaced by 5 Offices of Ministry in the New Testament. That is, Prophet and Priest of the Old were replaced by Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher in the New.  All of this is in the Bible.

The New Deal is part of the Old Deal.  It is contained within it and always has been.  Hundreds of Scriptures in the Old speak of the New over and over again.  That is why the Old is quoted hundreds of times in the New.  To say see, this is what that was talking about.  All of the men used by God to write down the New Deal (which again was always in the Old) knew the Old Deal by heart.  With the exception of Luke all of them were Jewish.  One was a religious legal scholar known as a pharisee, and in fact was highly esteemed among the pharisees of his day.  His name was Paul, and he was on his way to Damascus with letters  from the High Priest in Jerusalem authorizing his actions.  These letters were actually a sort of religious arrest warrant, to arrest the followers of the Way (an early name for followers of Christ) when he met the Head of the Way, Jesus himself.

At the same time Jesus appeared and spoke to him in the Spirit.  Paul became blind, and would stay that way for three days.  A Biblical type and symbol of the same death and resurrection that Christ had gone through years earlier.  Death to the old life and old man, resurrection into the New.  Paul would never recover from his Damascus Road experience, which was the original one.  He would go on to be used by God to “set on fire the conversion of the Roman Empire.”  The world would never be the same.  Not because of some greatness in Paul, but because of what God was doing through him.  All along the Way we can look back and see that God  was using people who were available for His use.  To do what He had always wanted to do, which was to bring man back to Himself.  Out of the dark and painful corrupting sting of sin, into the bright joy filled glory of Christ within.  

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

Something Deeper

I never understood exactly what this sense of destiny and the drive behind it was for, but by the end of my school years, I knew it had something to do with God.  I felt it more in my gut than in my head.  It was on my first ship the USS New Orleans where I began to come up into the plan that God had laid out for me – before I had ever been born.  There were two different vessels aboard this ship that at some level, of their own free will had made themselves available for God’s use.  They would soon be pouring into me as others had poured into them.  Andy was one of those guys who was a lover, where others would be fighters.  He was so full of love.  I was a fighter.  Andy was from Lake Charles, Louisiana, and wasn’t but a few years older than I was.  I think he was in his early twenties, and he was a Machinist.  I was an Electrician, which was just a necessary delay on the way to becoming a Navy Diver.  As you had to learn a trade enabling you to do something else aboard ship when you weren’t diving.

Lieutenant Commander Jay Snell was the ships Chaplain, and by his own admission hadn’t become a true Christian until after seminary when he met some real Believers aboard what I remember to be his first ship, many years earlier.  Upon meeting these men who were walking in the power of God, he realized he was not even a believer.  He had simply thought he was because of his religious training and background.  It was from these two men that the first penetrating seeds of God’s Word and seeds of His Love would be sown into a cold and damaged heart, at just the time the Lord knew I would receive the precious gift without destroying it.  It was here, aboard a ship of war that I would begin the long journey of discovery.  That the battle was not won by those who were strongest, and that the warfare was never between men and machines as it appeared.  But had always and only been fought and won in the Spirit.  The process by which this godly young man and this older and wiser man of God established the framework for forming Christ in me is called discipleship.

Which is nothing more than Christian apprenticeship, is intended for everybody, and is the way ordained by God to the deeper things and the higher life He has always had for those who would have It.  One loved me like a brother, the other like a wise master builder took me under his wing and taught me, instructed me, in the things of God.  Neither of them had everything, but only some things.  They both had their parts to play in this sometimes bewildering drama of my life, and I still have those parts with me today.  Like those who came before me, I am pouring into others, who are pouring into others, who are pouring into others.  Some of the disciples of my disciples have disciples.  I am in fact over a nationwide discipleship network.  It’s not very big, but it is on both coasts and in several states – and only exists at all because it is God’s thing, not mine.  I’m just doing what He told me, which is actually what He’s told everybody.  What I’m doing shouldn’t be the exception – it should be the norm.

The christianity of most who believe themselves to be Christian is not working for them because they haven’t been discipled.  It is a getting up under someone who has what you don’t – so that you can get it from them.  If they were a vessel full of liquid, and you the empty vessel needing to be filled, then the pipeline, the conduit, the funnel connecting the 2 of you would be obedience.  Not obedience in some random arbitrary manner  – but obedience to God’s Word.  Discipleship is all about accountability.  The accountability of keeping your word, which was given in the form of a promise, when you made that promise to change.  Which is all that Repentance is – a promise to change.  You cannot do it on your own, it is quite impossible.  You need help, a lot of help, and a large part of the help God has sent is Discipleship.

Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to change – and be made into the image of Christ.  If you have not at least begun the process of salvation, which is the name of this being changed – you won’t make it to Heaven.  It is not accomplished with a prayer anymore than your 1st year on the job ended by filling out the paperwork to get hired.  No, that was all done beforehand.  If you are a member of the clergy, no use quoting sola fide – Faith is an act not a thought.  And yes it very much is Faith in Christ and His completed work on the Cross, but you have a part in response to that.  Most who call themselves christians have very intentionally not done their part.  Some are just ignorant due to a gross shortage of Teachers in the Body of Christ.  Not because they haven’t been Called – few have answered the Call.  From Genesis to Revelation, God ties all of your Love for Him and all of your Belief in Him to one thing . . . Obedience.

Now in doing our part, God has given all of us the ability to become hungry, willing or obedient – so we can be discipled.  We in fact call these the 3 doorways to discipleship, and teach the disciples to look for one of these doorways being open as a confirmation of who they are to disciple.  I am not an Evangelist so I don’t take my guys out to the street corner and look for followers, and I tell them not to do that because that is not the Call, or the anointing that backs up that Call – on my life.  And in ministering the real Biblical Christianity you want to do only what you are anointed to do.  Which means what God has given you power to do, because He has called you to do it.  The thing so many won’t take the time to do – is to find out what God has called them to do.  They are too busy doing what they’ve called themselves to do, or what someone else thought was a good idea – but they never asked God.

There are many good books and many good movies, but most of the books that have ever been written – should not have been.  It’s the same with movies, songs, restaurants, even ministry.  I’d say on average probably the top ten per cent in any field are doing something God put in their heart, whether they knew it or not.  Which means in every area of human endeavor most of the people in the earth, including most of the people in the church, are not doing anything God told them to do.  Which is where The Blessing is at – and the only place His Blessing is at.  Remember blessing means empowered to prosper, not claiming your own success.  The power comes from Him, not positive confession.  If you are not empowered by Him, you are not Blessed.  It is not competition that makes room for anyone, it is your gift that makes room for you.

Instead of living in His Blessing people are just doing something, anything, to keep themselves busy, so they don’t go crazy.  Busy making a living so they can feed themselves and pay their bills while waiting for death to finally catch up with them.  Well, that’s not what God calls life.  Jesus came to deliver us from all that mundane dreary unrewarding unfulfilling frustrating existence that makes up our life in our town.  God has something much better for everyone on the planet.  He said if we will follow Him; we’ll eat, live, drive the very best of the land.  All the time, everyday.  In fact, the greek word for His kind of life is zoe.  The God kind of Life, the uncreated life.  It is one of the main things Christ came to do; to change us from created to begotten, from creatures to sons.  It would be like a man changing a painting or statue (something he created) into another man (something he did not create but could only beget).  As C.S. Lewis explains in Mere Christianity, you can only beget something of your own kind.  To beget is to give birth to something of the same kind as yourself.

Let me break down the difference between these 3 doorways so they can be more clearly seen, for those who actually intend to do something about this book – and make some disciples (of the Lord Jesus Christ, not of you).  About 3 years ago I was discipling about 6 or 7  guys over the same period of time, but not all together, and not at the same hour or day, but always at least once a week.  As I typically get together with one at a time for at least 2 hours, sometimes 3 or 4 hours, as the Lord directs.  But we set a time and a day and stick to it because one of the first things the Enemy attempts to attack is the stability of the meeting, and the keeping of your word.  Our entire society and culture are against these things as well, but then everything about the one true God opposes the mainstream of fallen man and his way of doing things.

So one of the first things I inevitably have to teach those whom God sends me to minister His Word to – is to simply keep their word.  And I’m talking about guys ranging from their late teens to mid forties, from military to millionaire, across the socio-economic divide.  But before I go off on the importance of keeping your word (which could take up a book), let me get back to these doorways as it related to four men in three regular meetings.  The first man was a realtor who had his own office, the second man had a few million from successful investing that he had earned from the company he worked for.  Both of these men were married with children and in their 40’s.  The other two gentlemen were friends and roommates of each other.  One was in his late twenties, the other in his early 30’s. I discipled these two together.  I will start with these last two in just a minute.  To give some idea socially they were your basic blue collar working class guys.  But first let me say this.

This is not about any specific individual[s] and what they did or did not do.  It is about discipleship.  Nothing said is defamatory or demeaning in any way. So I am quite intentionally avoiding many specifics, including their names.  Both out of respect and for the sake of focus and staying on mission.  Which is to get you as much of the help being offered here, so that you can in turn help others.  But I do want you to see enough to make their humanity visible, and therefore the application of what’s being said as practical.  By showing a partial picture of four men not so different from you and me, who probably entered this process with what they would consider the best intentions, but did not go as far as they should have.  Showing you why they did not, as it relates to these doorways.  Which in one sense, are nothing more than heart postures.

All of these men failed discipleship in that they all quit the process and did not allow the Lord to bring to completion the very thing He does with discipleship.  Which is to get Christ formed in you (more than He is now) and establish His Kingdom in the earth.  By establishing it in the lives of men, who then must help establish it in the lives of others.  Until a disciple is birthed into his gift call or ministry and becomes part of a body of disciples as Scripture commands, he did not finish the process.

It is my hope that you will get what they would not, and perhaps at some level could not [yet], and go further than they.  The hope of every good father.  And though I am not a father after the flesh, the Lord has made me one in the Spirit – to many.  To the ones who stayed the course.  It has taken Him years to bring me around to accepting that fact.  He needs more spiritual fathers, and He will make some of you into a father, if you let Him.  And many will be drawn to your Light, but it’s not about that.  It is about those who want His Light.  Which is where all of your light comes from.

These are all good men, as are all the men I have the honor to disciple.  Most of them still go to church as far as I know.  All of them got some of the help God sends through ministry (mine in this case) to come up higher, all of them.  Then again the point of true ministry is not to get them accept Jesus but to get them up under His Authority.  God did not send His Son to back up your plan.  He sent Him to get you up on His Plan.  People as a whole just don’t like that, so very few end up really getting ahold of it.  Some of the many I’ve discipled got enough to help one or two others come up higher.  But only a few stayed the course, got filled up with the spiritual seed of God’s Word enough to change their lives, and are now changing the lives of others by pouring into them.  They are my core disciples. Which means they stuck with it until what God had for them through the Office I stand in was formed in them.  Being brought to maturity, until they in turn had actual disciples themselves.

Neither myself nor these core disciples are in any way special, but only people who were available for God  to use.  You can be too.  Which in itself took many years as a part time minister for me to come up into.  It was my own limited availability that no doubt was directly responsible for the lack of impact I was having for so long, as I was busy living my own life (selfishly) trying to get laid instead of following the One who had laid down His own life so that I could have it.  Many are called, few are chosen.  The chosen are just those who stick to it no matter what, and who’s commitment to fulfill the Call of God on their life – is non negotiable.

So these first two were Obedient.  Which is to say, they showed up to the meetings on time (which was twice a week for them), and did everything I told them while they were present with me.  But they weren’t Willing in the sense of agreeing in their heart posture.  They did it all out of a sense of duty and discipline, believing it would help them, that there was something good in it.  Much like the military or any other form of public service.  They also lacked hunger, in that the books and tapes (and cd’s) which were the homework and easily half the grade (as a teacher would say) were listened to and read much slower and with less frequency than required for them to make it to the next ones, of which there were many.  Remember this whole thing works by seed-time-and harvest, which is the chief principle by which the Kingdom of God operates.  The first step is sowing seed.  Lots of seed.

The guy with a little money had a lot of pride and a strong spirit of control that could not suffer him to sit under my authority for two hours, and study the Bible and the things of God together.  He really could not do anything unless he was in charge, or at least in the limelight.  He knew this himself, and as it was exposed through the course of our relationship – he was pretty upfront about it.  So he was neither Willing or Obedient, but he was very Hungry.  I fed the hunger.  He went through more books and tapes (all good) than anyone I’ve ever poured into.  I mean he frequently went through a book a week, along with an entire set of teaching tapes (all from different Anointed Ministers) which I required listening to multiple times – so that within 6 months, he had absorbed all I had at the time.  He was so hungry, thank God!  But he was not Willing or Obedient, nor did he become so.  He did the homework very well but he would not attend the class, which was required.

The last guy, the realtor, was the one I discipled the longest (of these 4) and has since come up into a level of ministry himself – as he now heads the prison ministry at his church, along with another disciple of mine who had come up into the 5 fold ministry as a Teacher, while being discipled.  This realtor brother was very Willing, in that he was just open to do what ever it took to get Christ formed in him.  To bear the required fruit of the Holy Spirit  as commanded in the Bible to be a true Christian.  But he was neither Hungry or Obedient.  He was chronically late, which affected his word in other areas – as it is all connected, and put into practice very little of what he was given through our fellowship, twice a week.  He was also getting through very little of the homework in the year and a half we were together.

Now none of the doorways are enough by themselves to truly become a disciple of Christ, anymore than the doorway to your house is the house itself.  They are simply entry points, and in fact, if you possess any one of these – you are supposed to let the one you have help take you to the others, because you will need some level of all three of them to make it.  To become what God wants to make of you.  We are all to become what we behold.  The Bible tells us that we are the house God has come to live in.  So hunger eats.  It relates to desire, to what you want – and you have to want this to get it.  When of course the truth is, most of us don’t want it.  I didn’t.  I had to ask God to give me the desire for Him and His way of doing things, and He did.  He gave it to me, and is still giving it to me.

That is what the Kingdom of God is: God and His way of doing things.  Your desire follows your attention, remember.  Whatever you pay attention to, that is what you will desire.  We are born with a nature that opposes God and finds worship difficult.  I mean the worship of God.  We all worship something, and do it easily.  We do it naturally.  Beauty, strength, knowledge, innocence, power, independence, money, drugs (for some), being worshipped (for others).  All of these things have been turned into gods. As long as it’s a god, it can be worshipped.  You are not supposed to and you do not have the right to worship anything or anyone other than God.  We were made to worship Him, and worship was made only for Him.  You do not have the right to do whatever you want, nobody does.  You only have the right to do what is right.  What we all have is the free will to do wrong, but we do not have the right to do wrong.  God Himself has given us the choice, and the more you understand what worship is and what it says, the more clearly you will see that all true worship belongs only to God.

A god is what ever you turn to in your hour of need, whatever you draw your strength and your substance fromthat is your god.  God Almighty, the Creator of the Universe, the God of the Bible, is our Heavenly Father and wants us to turn to Him for all our needs – but you have to let Him be God.  You were made for Him, but you have to decide of your own free will to get up under that.  That’s what Idolatry is, creating and worshipping false gods.  God didn’t make these things gods, we made them gods.  We did it out of our rebellious fallen nature, to worship anything but Him.  That is not okay – it’s a Sin.  In fact, it’s one of the Ten Commandments.  Which are actually just ten of the hundreds, a summary of them if you will.  Just as the two greatest commandments are a summary of the ten and all the rest.  They’re hierarchical.  His Kingdom is one of rank, structure and authority.  You can go just as high as you are willing to obey – and you have got to be hungry enough to obey on that level.

Willingness speaks of an openness of the Heart, a yielding.  It’s not the part that does a thing (that’s Obedience), it’s the part that wants to do it.  You may think that these are just different ways of saying the same thing, but they are not.  They are completely different parts that are related to one another, just like every organ and member of your body, every person in your family, every citizen of a nation, every animal in the earth, and every planet in the solar system.  Such diversity of design and purpose, with such specific function both within itself and as part of a whole, is to be found only in creation and nowhere at all in evolution.  Which was a lie the day it was told.

Science does not even attempt to explain the why and the who.  It cannot, being only a part of the creation itself.  It tries only to do away with them, but finds it cannot do that either.  Just a bunch of made up, juvenile rantings in the simile of a very bad cartoon.  Where none of the characters can even stand on their own, and are impossible to fit together.  Johnny Quest and Bugs Bunny were much better, and much smarter.  It is God that the academia and the mind of man are against, and always have been.  The Bible says having a form of godliness they deny the power thereof.  They are living in every way off of a single drop of His juice, yet continually deny that He gave it to them.  Just as continually and quite intentionally, they forget that their collective life hangs precariously on the strength of a single breath.  Take that single breath away then it is over.  All of their arguments come to nothing.  It was never that the Savior would not have them, He came to save them.  It is that man in his rebellion refuses to come in.  If he stays there he cannot be redeemed.  All are invited, but so few respond.  Even fewer respond properly.

Obedience of course involves doing something whether we feel like it or not.  The problem is this current generation (roughly meaning those born after 1960) whose culture and society were formed after the breakdown and upheaval of the 60’s – are the most addicted, distracted, self absorbed and emotionally ruptured people in the history of the world as a Society; and thereby are made weak, incredibly weak – on both an individual and national level.  On top of that they are ruled by their feelings, and led by their emotions.  All of it is a set up for who’s coming, the son of Perdition, the man of Sin.  They’ll be easy pickings for this Antichrist, who is just about to be revealed.

Never have so many done so little for so few with such vast resources, and I’m not just talking about America.  What you spend on yourself you cannot spend on others, and even those of us who have given should have given more – and not just to the poor.  It is the U.S., Britain, France and Germany combined that make up the West in wealth and influence as the modern Inheritors of what God began in Greece and later Rome more than 20 centuries ago.  Only the Good parts were from Him, what all men have done with what was given them will be Judged, very soon.  Of these four, France will lose the most people to this coming deceiver, as they are the most deceived, being already the most God less.

It is in the tires of your Obedience where the rubber meets the road, but it is the engine of your Willingness that moves the tires.  Hunger would be the gasoline that fuels the engine, or hydrogen if you prefer something cleaner.  In their mechanical nature they are limited to the laws of physics and must all work together to perform the thing they were made for.  In other words, they cannot contradict each other, hypocrisy is not a possibility.  Not so with the Human machine, we are full of contradictions and hypocrisy.  We constantly say things we don’t mean, and mean something completely other than what we just said.  You may think that people just get their words wrong, but that is not so.  Wrong words come out of a wrong heart, and the Bible says so.

Every mouth problem is a heart problem, and all of us have both.  It’s one of the main things discipleship deals with, as it is one of the most pronounced characteristics of the Kingdom of Heaven – No Lying.  Not even little ones.  In fact everything is so Right in Heaven on levels much higher than those we live on here, that up there – the thought is the action. You think it and it is being done. I am of course describing method, not potential.  You can see how one lie would shipwreck the whole thing.  God will not come down to our level of deception.  He insists that we come up to His level of Truth.  But only for those who want it  here and now.

We must always remember that God’s Way of doing things is just the opposite of the world’s way of doing things.  In the world’s way we have adopted seeing is believing as such a normative stance, but in God’s Way just the inverse is true: only unbelief is moved by what it sees.  Faith is moved by what is not seen. Faith is all about what you cannot see, if you can see it, it is not faith.  It is by faith that we must all enter into discipleship despite the failings and inadequacy of men.  Our faith is not in them, it is in God.  Jesus ordered the making of disciples from all tribes in all the world.  Yet He did not say this to all the world, He said it those who had been discipled already.  His disciples could only make disciples because they had been discipled themselves.  Just as I could only make disciples because I have been discipled.  There is not some other way.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry