Only Terrorist Religions Hijack

Written in 2002

Osama dun bin Laidin the grave attacked the U.S. because of  the realization of  his greatest fear: the failure of  Islam.  Jealousy.  Christianity works and Islam does not.  It is the same reason Cain killed Abel, and the same reason the priests of  Israel (the Sadducees and Pharisees) murdered the Messiah they had been waiting for all of  their lives.  Jealousy, plain and simple.  Islam is a complete failure and always has been.  It’s just that now they are seeing it for themselves.  It has been obvious to everyone else for centuries.

Hardhearted mean angry woman hating, war loving fascist little religion that it is.  A dictatorship run by a regime of  totalitarian hit men who do not even know what the word Holy means.  They are almost as bad as the Vatican, which is the most corrupt and longest running monarchy (and mafia) in history.  But that’s another chapter. The few good things in their hateful and controlling theology is something stolen right out of  Judaism or Christianity.  And don’t let them fool you into believing that Allah is just their word for the same God Almighty that we serve.  Not even close.  In their own language Allah is a corruption of  Il-lah, the name of their moon god, back when they were a bunch of  pagans. Before muhammad started listening to those demons.

Islam means submission, and  muslim means and is – one who submits.  Now let me make this clear, I don’t have a problem with anyone who freely and voluntarily submits themselves to a set of beliefs if that’s what they want to do.  With or without a gun or an airliner in their hand.  It is Christianity that allows for that – Islam does not.  God Himself is the one who gave us the ability to choose, and requires the proper use of it by anyone who wants to follow Him.  Just don’t force it on other people who don’t want it.  And don’t get mad at Christians or anybody else when you find out you have chosen the wrong door.  You could have chosen the right one.  By the way, it is foolishness to attack a nation that can kick your butt all over the desert – from a distance.  Without ever leaving home, and your camel too.  Foolishness.

Okay I’m back.  Just had to get that out of my system.  Islam perverts that God given choice by enslaving the will (and thus the people) to complete tyranny, and calls it religion.  The devil laughs.  What a perfect alternative to Satanism.  A lot more people for a lot less effort on his part.  Now he’s got men doing all the recruiting for him, by force.  One of the largest religions on the earth.  Man made religion is nothing but a set of rules by which man tries to reach some trailer park god on his own.  So that man himself can be in control, and take all the credit.  Islam is one of the worst.  It is based entirely upon what they do for their god and nothing he does for them.  Their god is so weak that he demands you die for him so he can reward you with some grade school version of  heaven where you get drunk all day surrounded by virgins and brown eyed boys.  I’m sure the women are happy about all that.  I would bet most of  them would leave in a moment if they did not fear for their lives.

Whereas the God of the Bible still loves man, even though He was betrayed by our ancestors.  When they willingly turned the management of the planet over to a fallen angel who hates people.  Lucifer is the inspiration behind Islam and all false religion.  The gods of the nations are idols.  I didn’t say that, the Bible does.  It is God who came up with a plan to get anyone back who was willing to believe.  The plan required His own death, which was something He had never done before.  But was the only way it could work, since men have a free will and were made in His image.  He willingly offered Himself in the hope, that everyone who wanted to come back in would.

Christianity is the only faith by its very definition that allows for the co-existence of religions, or other belief systems.  Buddhism Taoism and Confucianism are philosophies that have been made into religions, they are not religions in and of themselves.  This liberality in Christianity is not because of some common ground or agreement we have with them.  There are not any.  But by the very nature of  Christ and the Bible’s emphasis on free will.  God loves you so much that He will allow you to go to Hell, if you really want to.

Not so in the Mecca of  Islam, Saudi Arabia.   Prince Saud Nasser al Saud whose uncle is the King of  Saudi Arabia, became  both a client and a friend of mine for several months, many years ago when I was at the La Costa Spa.  I had heard that Saudi had religious police and would arrest anyone preaching Christ.  When I asked him about it he told me that it was so.  I think they cut his head off in Saudi a few years back, after being incarcerated in a British prison for murdering his servant lover in a London hotel.  I had known him many years earlier when he was but a teenager, and had been sent by his king to lose some weight.  When he arrived he was 5’4″ and 475 pounds.  By the time he left about a year and a half later, he had lost over 300 pounds.  He had so much excess skin Scripps clinic had to cut it off.  I was glad to hear many years later from another Arab client named Baq’r, whose father was a an ambassador, that Saud had been very committed to physical fitness.

You think people freely join Islam.  Most of the Arabic tribes became Muslim through military conquest.  It is the State sanctioned religion in every nation where it is dominant (mostly poor, uneducated people) – and it is enforced.  It’s a matter of  historical record that Muhammad and his contemporaries practiced slavery, and that it was extended to Africa shortly after his death.  Islam was involved in the slave trade long before they ever taught it to Western Europeans.  And are still doing it long after Christians put a stop to it in their own countries.

In his book Slavery and Human Progress, Davis explains “the Arabs and their Muslim allies were the first people to develop a specialized, long distance slave trade from sub-Saharan Africa.  They were also the first people to view blacks as suited by nature for the lowest and most degrading forms of  bondage.”  Empires have all practiced slavery, starting usually with their own people.  But there it was always and very blatantly done in their own name – through sheer conquest.  Meaning, we are gonna kick your butt and take your stuff  because we can. Then you are gonna come work for us for free – or we’ll kill you.  It was sheer dominance plain and simple.  But this doing it under the guise of  religion in the name of some god was a whole other monster.  Let’s take a closer look at this booger and see what entrails they scraped him off of before we put sharia to a vote in our country .

From 1915 to 1918 they wiped out eighty percent of the Armenian population, one and a half million people.  The massacre took place in Turkey and was both a prototype and forerunner of the Nazi attempt at Jewish extermination some 30 years later.  Hitler referred to it in a famous quote before launching his own final solution.  During the 80’s and 90’s muslims in North Sudan were selling black Christians into slavery.  In 1990 it was believed that Mauritania had as many as 400,000 slaves.  In every area of the world where they are a significant part of the population, they are at war.

Years ago a friend of mine who was a Russian and an atheist pointed that out to me.  Islam is a religion of war.  With most of  the inhabitants of  those nations having little or no choice, and even less knowledge of any other religion.  Especially Christianity.  Here in America because of our great freedom, we have every crazy cult you can imagine.  Including Islam and it’s market savvy offshoot the Bahai and it’s Bab bulling. They are about as original as Scientology.  At least old L. Ron Hubbard admitted publicly that it was all a sham he just dreamt up for the money.  A religion created by a science fiction writer, who would have  thought.  And some poor fools still take it seriously.  Never stepped back to take a look at the package they were signing for.  Wouldn’t even have to be a serious look.

And please, if you’re a heathen and choose not to believe in God which takes a lot more faith, don’t think Islam’s claim to monotheism somehow equates them with Christianity.  It does not.  Satanists are monotheists too, and they are entirely mistaken as to who that one god is.  They have it backwards.  Mary Baxter (an ordained minister with the Church of God) was taken to Hell by Jesus for 30 nights in a row.  She wrote a book about it, well known in Christian circles.  It’s called A Divine Revelation of  Hell.  Every satanist should read it before they go there.  Every preacher should read it so they don’t.  Because there are preachers there too.  In it she describes the unrelenting suffering, the torture, the smell, the groans, and she watches as some of the devil’s followers (a few who won him many souls) come before him at their death expecting their reward.  Their screams are the loudest, the screams of the betrayed.

It’s kinda funny that anyone would expect someone known throughout the world and through all of  history, as the father of  Lies, to be nice to them for helping him out.  What did you expect, flowers.  A parade.  Welcome to the barbecue – your on the menu.  I can hear the dueling banjoes theme from Deliverance in the background.  I might seem here a bit trifling.  But then God hardly considers it a compliment that you choose Him as an alternative to Hell.  It would be the equivalent of  marrying someone who chose you over going to prison, but a hundred times worse.  Do you see the quandary we’re in.  He wants so much more from you, and He has so much more for you.  Back to I slam Islam.

Allah the outlaw does not have any love for people at all.  He should be taken out behind his trailer and shot.  The Quran has no mention of loving your neighbor, your enemies, or even your friends.  In fact the only thing we are told more than 20 times is what allah does not love.  Allah loveth not those who do wrong (sura 3:57), Allah loveth not those who reject faith (sura 3:32), Allah loveth not transgressors (sura 2:190), Allah loveth not the itch in his groin – alright, I made that one up.  And it’s always trying to sound so King James, like that makes it official.  Yeah, and you can go sit in a garage.  That doesn’t make you a car.

You would think they didn’t even know the Bible was not written in King James.  The conversational Greek that the New Testament was written in called koine greek, read much more like the Message or NIV translations.  God’s Word, The Book, the Philips or 20th Century versions of the Bible are all excellent for reading, much better than the KJV.  The Bible was never written in the official language of state, like some court document.  King James did that, and thank God. It was good for the time, but now the language of it is archaic.  These others are so easy to read they make you want to read them.

The Quran actually says that allah forgives whoever he wants and punishes whoever he wishes, I mean like arbitrarily (sura 5:18).  Not so with God.  You do what He says and you’re in.  All the way in, forever.  He could no more go back on His Word than trade places with the devil.  And it’s open to anybody who wants it.  He loves you whether you ever love Him or not, which is one of the simplest definitions for the Hebrew hasid or the Greek agape.  He is in love with you.  If you study it out, you find that Jesus actually died out of  His desire for you. Islam still practices animal sacrifices today, that’s as good as it gets for them.  Get a goat and cut its throat now dosey doe your partner.  Their book speaks more about war and Hell than anything good, and does not define a single virtue.  I said a single virtue.  It is incapable of doing so.

Only random mentions of a few.  In King James of course, to make it sound official.  It’s actually pretty stupid.  Yes I’m laughing myself, I actually brought you all this way just to tell you the Koran (that’s the older spelling, before they got fancy) – is stupid.  It is so stupid!  I mean, you can read any sura (in English), and you’ll just think to yourself – what the Hell are they talking about, that does not even make any sense.  Was I supposed to get something from that.  It’s like you gotta pretend this means something just to be a muslim.  I was trying to be nice, but I’m having to pretend their whole religion is something other than the cloak for male dominance, tribal aggression and outright hatred for Judaism and Christianity that it is.

The New York Times (and other institutions beleaguered from within) have had a very hard time for a very long time – sticking to the truth.  Perhaps I can help start a trend here by doing away with pretense myself.  Then again, they have never been overly concerned with selling the truth anyway.  Say as much as they have been about selling newspapers, or maintaining their status as the Mecca of disposable journalism.  So maybe not.

They certainly covered Clinton and her husband favorably when they were in the House, whose two terms are part of the reason we’re in this terrorist mess.  Yet they never even mentioned the hundreds of  black Christians that were dragged out of their churches by muslims in Sudan, and nailed to trees.  A kind of  low-country crucifixion.  You have to go to church to hear about that (Dr. Kennedy).  And the only place you hear about the weapons that have been found is on am radio, or from soldiers who are in theater.  Some I’ve known for years.

So anyway I cannot pretend anymore, that Islam just wants you to join their church.  When really they just want your stuff, or at least to be in charge of it.  I have a pretty strong imagination but I cannot talk about this god game they are playing with a straight face, not seriously anyway.  Because I personally know the real One and only God.  I’ve been walking with Him for decades as a minister.  And every year has gotten better, as I have got to know Him more.

He is my partner, my friend , the lover of my soul, and my Commander in Chief all wrapped up in One.  He is my counsel and my guide.  He directs me and corrects me.  He pays all my bills and He heals all my diseases, and He wants to do it for everybody.  But you have to come to Him on His terms, which is okay.  Because that kinda comes with being God, you actually get to call some of the shots.  The older I get the more clearly I see the completeness of my error.  Especially in the things I thought about Him, even as I was getting to know Him.  I kept judging Him by the standards of what other men had done to me, and you cannot do that.  He just kept loving me. You have to see Him through His word, which will transform you.

I have got so many more twisted backward and even comical things to tell you about Islam, but they hardly seem important now.  They are so very easy to pick apart.  I think you get the point.  I actually feel kind of sorry for them.  I wish they would repent and come over to our side.  There is plenty of everything in Him, room enough in God for everybody.  But they are like the mormons, they actually believe the stuff they have made up. Next time you see a muslim, just yell out – Quit Pretending!  Maybe we can get a few to join us.  To all the Muslims who really want to know God, I say – Come on in boys the water is fine!

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

The Catching Away

The institutional church is about to collapse and the entire world is about to change.  For the first time in all of history the God of all creation is about to reveal Himself to the whole earth in a single event.  The catching away of the bride of Christ.  Who collectively as a body have been the restraining influence all over the earth, by their very presence.  Not as some sort of super righteous or self righteous super men.  But as yielded vessels who were made fit to be used by God for his purposes, as they submitted to His authority by obeying His word.  

These are the only people who will be leaving.  As they are the only ones whose prayer praise and worship along with a lifestyle of obedience enabled the Holy Spirit to restrain the forces of darkness through their physical presence in the earth.  It was the power of the Holy Spirit coming out of the lives and the mouths of those who believed God.  It did not come from us it came through us.  After we are removed, the restraining power that came through us in the spiritual realm will be removed with us.

Both the willingness and the ability in the hearts and minds of men to do good comes only from God as a source, not from men. This goodness has been done in and through men by the Holy Spirit. Humanism has preached the false doctrine of both self sovereignty and the inherent goodness of men for centuries, causing the widespread and willful ignorance of this great sustaining work of the Holy Spirit. Denying it entirely. Man is not capable of directing himself on his own, he was never designed that way. He either yields to the Spirit of God or by default is run by the spirits controlled by the god of this world.

Satan outranks fallen man in this fallen world. Being fallen is what makes it his because at the fall of man it became his. That’s what the fall was, a fall from free and willing submission to God – to being controlled by the Devil. Whether people see that or not doesn’t even matter. Believing is spiritual not physical, and it is a choice that can only be done before you see it. When the very body of people the Spirit works through is completely removed from the earth, the true nature of men since the fall will be unrestrained.

What was formerly accessed by the Spirit since Christ came will now be accessed by Satan and those with him.  Meaning Lucifer and the angels that fell with him, along with the demons under them will now have their way in the earth because they have their way in the hearts and minds of men.  Not merely influencing as before, but controlling at a much higher level.  Since they are not God they cannot alter order established by God, but they now have greater freedom to move within the same order, wherein they were formerly restrained.

Being the overcomers, the true ecclesia, the spotless bride – we will not have to endure this tribulation.  Not because we think we are special, because Jesus said so.  In one of the three well known eschatological chapters in the gospels that speaks solely about the tribulation and the times leading up to it.  It’s all right there in black and white, and it was always open to anyone who wanted it enough.  In Luke 21: 36 when Jesus said not to be weighed down with the anxiety and worries of the world, but to pray so that you would have the strength to escape what was coming – the strength He was talking about was not muscular strength, it was spiritual.  He was talking about the strength of our Faith.  He repeats this same promise of deliverance in Revelation 3:10 to the only church that was faithful out of the seven.

But keep watch on yourselves, or your hearts will become dulled by carousing, drunkenness and the worries of everyday living, and that Day will be sprung upon you suddenly like a trap! For it will close in on everyone, no matter where they live, throughout the whole world. Stay alert, always praying that you will have the strength to escape all the things that will happen and to stand in the presence of the Son of Man. – Luke 21:34-36  Complete Jewish Bible

Faith is an obedience.  Romans begins and ends talking about the obedience of faith.  The less you obey the Word the weaker your faith will be.  Most who call themselves believers have done just the opposite of what Jesus said.  They are full of the pressure worry and anxiety of this life, and they don’t pray praise or feed their faith at all.  They don’t believe in the rapture because they don’t know the Word.  So with their low level of belief and their weak faith they have earned the right to be tested in the tribulation.  That’s what the tribulation is, a very painful test.  Those who refused to suffer in this life by putting their flesh down and doing what God said instead of what they wanted, will now have to suffer through learning it the hard way.

There is no argument about there being a rapture, it is an event described clearly in multiple Scriptures.  There are simply people who don’t know the Bible and people who don’t believe it.  You will be able to explain it to anyone who is willing to believe the Bible, after you absorb what I am telling you here.  If you want the truth to make it into your spirit you have to stay teachable.  Which can only be done by putting on childlikeness and humility.  We have to do it with all of God’s things, and the Bible says so.  If you don’t do that you will reduce it to something intellectual, and you cannot receive the Spiritual things of God with your intellect.  You can only receive them with your spirit.  I did not say that, God did.

First we have to understand that about a third of the Bible is prophecy, and most of what Jesus spoke is prophecy.  Which almost always has an immediate partial fulfillment, and a later complete fulfillment.  Not knowing this one thing has caused many to shipwreck on the outer shoals of prophecy without ever making it to the island.  To understand this catching away we will take a look at the few places in Scripture where Jesus talks about coming to get us.  Which is not His second coming.  At the second coming Jesus comes to take over the world with the Kingdom of God, setting foot on the Mount of Olives physically in Jerusalem.  The whole world will know and every eye shall see Him.  

The second coming has nothing to do with the rapture, they are two completely separate and different events.  At the catching away Jesus comes in the clouds secretly in that only the bride will see Him, and only the bride will be gathered to Him.  This is in the Bible.  Every time He appeared after the resurrection whether to Paul or a group of people, He only revealed Himself to those He wanted to see Him.  It’s nothing new.  He did not show Himself to everybody or to the whole world.  It doesn’t matter if anybody likes that, it only matters if you believe the Bible.  Making the Word of God final authority is required for believers who want it to have any authority at all in their life.  We may partially commit to almost everything, God does not do that with anything.

In the gospel of John while speaking prophecy about His going to prepare a place and coming back to get them, Jesus is not addressing a crowd.  He speaks to a very small group of obedient faithful believers called disciples, who did everything that He said.  Except for one of them of course, who betrayed Him.  He said he would come to take them with him to be where He is.  He did not say He was coming to be with them where they are.  He also told them that they knew where He was going and they knew the way.  Then spends the next couple of chapters telling them the way for anyone who wants to, to get where He is going.  How to come and be with Him.  The way and the how He spoke to them about was obedience. 

Do not let your hearts be troubled (distressed, agitated). You believe in and adhere to and trust in and rely on God; believe in and adhere to and trust in and rely also on Me. In My Father’s house there are many dwelling places (homes). If it were not so, I would have told you; for I am going away to prepare a place for you. And when (if) I go and make ready a place for you, I will come back again and will take you to Myself, that where I am you may be also. And [to the place] where I am going, you know the way. – John 14:1-4  Amplified

So the first thing to get clear about this catching away is that it is a place.  Jesus will be taking us somewhere and He says so.  The next thing to see is that it includes a body.  You have one now and you will have one then.  It will be the actual body material you have now without the physical death from the curse.  The same body but of a different kind, a new kind.  The new one will be the same kind Jesus has, a spiritual body.  You can walk thru the wall but I can shake your hand.  You can eat some fish and will never get sick.  It will be impossible for you to sweat and you cannot go to the restroom again, ever, for any reason.  Hallelujah! 

I’m telling you a mystery. Not all of us will die, but we will all be changed. It will happen in an instant, in a split second at the sound of the last trumpet. Indeed, that trumpet will sound, and then the dead will come back to life. They will be changed so that they can live forever. This body that decays must be changed into a body that cannot decay. – 1 Corinthians 15:51-53a  God’s Word

Finally the rapture is an event.  It is a departure of saints in the air to meet Jesus in the air.  The Bible says that.  It is not Jesus setting foot onto the earth to set up The Kingdom.  That does happen but it happens later.  There are many other Scriptures describing that, which have nothing to do with these Scriptures.  The marriage supper of the Lamb and the bride of Christ are in the Bible.  It doesn’t matter that the word rapture is not in the Bible, the event is in the Bible.  The word trinity is not there either, nor is demon, but everybody knows what they are.  Besides, it is in the Latin version, just not the original Greek texts.  From those we have translated it being gathered or catching away.  Here is the event in Scripture.

I can tell you this directly from the Lord: We who are still living when the Lord returns will not rise to meet him ahead of those who are in their graves. For the Lord himself will come down from heaven with a commanding shout, with the call of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God. First, all the Christians who have died will rise from their graves. Then, together with them, we who are still alive and remain on the earth will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and remain with him forever. – 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17  The Book

The catching away of the obedient ones also known as the rapture has not happened yet.  But it is about to. If you don’t believe in it then I’m not speaking to you. This is for the Believers. If you are not Expecting then you will be sleeping when He comes.  This is the very time Jesus described clearly as falling upon all men unexpectedly, catching them like a trap.  Because they did not believe.  Some have tied the passing of Billy Graham to the timing of the rapture.  I believe this to be correct, but of course it is not relevant to Scripture.  Staying is not a punishment – Leaving is a reward.  There will be wrath and punishment going on, but not for those who now become the true Believers.  It will be very difficult times, very hard for everyone. But it will also be the greatest Harvest of souls in history.  Whether you stay or whether you go, make sure you are a part of what God is doing right now.  Peace

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

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Playing to the Crowd

   It was on a short, mile an a half run in South Florida that the Lord showed me something I had been doing all of my adult life. Acting, projecting an image of myself. Namely – acting differently around people when I know I’m being watched. Putting on a show so to speak. I think we’re all aware in a general sense that we behave differently with others than we do when we’re alone. Everybody does. In relation to customs and manners, especially those that show courtesy or respect, it is a good and necessary thing, and helps us all.  But the difference I’m speaking of here is really more a change of focus and direction when people are looking at you. The desire to draw attention to ourselves, and why we do it. Our culture and society have even gone so far as establishing an elite community, a royalty of sorts (in perception only, not Spiritual reality) among those at the top of the profession of acting, which I believe is a reflection of how self centered we have become as a people.

   I’ve been a lover of stories and an avid reader ever since I was a little boy.  In our modern culture and in my generation, it was a completely natural progression to loving Cinema. In fact, we watch more movies at the theaters in my hometown of San Diego than anywhere else in the country. Which isn’t hard to believe since we have a larger population (nationally) of single 25 – 35 yr. olds, along with most of the Pacific Fleet. Here’s my dichotomy. Though I love movies and still see them frequently even to this day, I really have very little respect for the profession of acting, and absolutely none for the exalted position that our society has given its champions. The latter of which is nothing short of idolatry.

 Now the actors themselves are just people and should be shown the same respect as anybody else. And I give it gladly. Showing respect for others and treating people the way you yourself want to be treated is a large part of walking in Love. Regardless of your current station in life – whether high or low.  In fact you cannot live right toward God without living right toward people.  So I don’t really mean the individuals themselves when I speak of the profession, it’s more what we as a people (including the media, which is made up of people) have done with it. Because it really is our choice.

   In this particular context I’m not so much trying to construct a road to social reform as much as I’m attempting to show a somewhat imperfect view of ourselves and where we’re at as it relates to morality. Which of course affects our balance on the tightrope of this life – both individually, and as a whole. Especially the part of morality that is concerned with where we are going. Which has everything to do with what we are looking at and who we’re listening to. Having lived and worked in Southern California all of my adult life (except for 2 years in Hawaii) I have been afforded more than a couple of opportunities for meeting or being exposed to someone famous. Or knowing someone who has.  

One of my roommates used to be a neighbor of Harrison Ford.  Another guy  who I worked with, met Eddie Murphy when he went up to fix something in his room at a Hotel in San Diego. He said Eddie was crazy (funny crazy), no surprise there right.  Another co-worker had been at a party (in San Diego) where Heather Locklear offered a reward to anyone who would give her a ride back to L.A.. Antonio (another roommate) was working security at Cafe Sevilla when Leonardo DiCaprio came in during a break from filming Titanic, while we  were living in a Loft downtown a few blocks away.  He got to talk to him at the bar for about 20 minutes, and seemed genuinely impressed when he told me the next day what a nice guy he was.  

My buddy Greg was doing a club called Rockers for a couple of years at the Probe in L.A. (end of the Eighties) when he met Sean Penn on the roof.  A former client of mine is a fraternity brother of Steve Wynn the Las Vegas hotel owner. He and his wife had joined Steve in his suite for dinner along with Whoopie Goldberg as they were waiting for Frank Sinatra to join them. He said that as soon as Frank got there Whoopie went off on him telling him what a jerk he was and how many of her friends he had screwed over – then left. Go on Whoopie!  I’ve met a few myself, like Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, and had a few as clients. Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards had been coming in regular over a period of several weeks (during the summer of ’85) to a club I was a bouncer at in Pacific Beach called the Mannikin. Which in it’s day was pretty cool, as clubs go. 

The two of them were not known at the time, but seemed like nice enough guys and kept telling me they were making a film (which I mistook for a training film since it was at the Naval Air Station at Miramar) – so that I would comp them. Which I did. I like to get comped myself, so I understand how they feel. One night this black Jeep drives up with Tom Cruise at the wheel, Val in the front passenger seat, with Anthony and Kellie McGillis in the back. Val had recently told me that Tom Cruise was in the movie, and that he would come out with them one night soon. Tom was not the superstar that he is today, but he was known. 

So when Val waved me over to the Jeep (which was in the street as all the curbside parking was taken), I looked in and saw Tom and said something like ‘ I know that guy ‘, we all smiled (a Kodak moment). Then they asked if there was anywhere they could park, a problem in metropolitan California.  To which I looked up and down the street and replied hesitantly that I had my Truck here (a big Chevy 4×4 on a lift with a 9’ whip antenna off the driver’s side – man I loved that Truck), which the nose of the Jeep was even with. Testingly, but a bit too expectantly, they asked if I could move it. To which I said No, but you can park around back – and they did. I comped them, which I’m sure made them all feel better (even though Kellie didn’t have her ID on her).   

Listen to me now.  You do not have to kiss up to people just because they are famous – or will be someday.  You might be too, and you will have to work even harder at being nice than you do now. And I’m not telling you this so I look large for about 10 seconds among the masses of the non-famous for dis’n Tommy an his crew before they was famous. No, they were all nice folks, God Bless ’em. I’ve prayed for some of them many times. I want you to see that the substance of your life, what God is trying to do through you, is in the small stuff.  So much of this life is a test in the small things.

Not in the glamorous, not in the romantic, not even in the ideal. It is in the reality of your every day, day in day out life. When I met Dustin Hoffman he was a real gent and a very cool guy. I worked on him for an hour, the only time he ever came in during my years at  the La Costa Spa. I believe it was right after his father died, and he had just finished Rain Man. I was told his parents had lived there for many years. I asked him if he had favorite movies or actors . . he said he had favorite performances. Implying I thought, that whether or not you achieved a perceived status of greatness – you could have a great moment. How cool is that.

    I worked on Randolph Hearst a couple of times, what a neat guy. He told me how he and his brother (William Randolph) had donated their father’s Estate at San Simeon (the Hearst Castle) along with 500 acres of staging ground to the State of California.  As it was all too much for them to keep up and neither one of them wanted to live there. But they did keep the 70,000 acres of adjacent ranch land, with some cattle on it. That’s a lot of pasture.  I asked him about the Rosebud mystery on Orson Welles famous film Citizen Kane, which as most people know is about his father. I think he told me it was the name of a prostitute, but I honestly can’t remember. But the most unforgettable thing he said was how he and his brother had both been pilots in the Army Air Corps during WWII.  I mean they flew bombers on combat missions – they went into harms way.  Praise God! That is so cool. Their dad was the richest, and one of the most powerful men in the entire world. But they went anyway.  What a different generation.

   Richard Pryor was very generous, as many people who come from nothing are.  I worked on him for an hour the first day.  He scheduled a second for the next but couldn’t make it, as he was feeling under the weather.  He sent his man to give me a fifty dollar tip anyway, just to say thank you. Combined with the fifty he had given me the day before – that $100 dollars bought the Thanksgiving dinner my friends and I shared (I think it was the next day) at my apartment across the street from Balboa Park, where I was living at the time. Robert Downey jr. was pretty cool and kinda funny, cause he hit me and a fellow masseur (my friend Mohammed) up for some investment capital.  I mean he like asked me for 15,000 dollars, I still think it’s funny. There I am working on him and he is giving me his pitch. What a salesman. One of the technicians who worked at the Spa had went to high school with him.

   I remember him being kinda jealous since he (the tech) had been in the cool crowd in school, whereas Robert had been in the not so cool crowd (according to him). He was not too happy about their opposing positions on the food chain – a recognizable actor with a certain amount of success and (he) a servant at the most famous Spa in the world.  I just want to remind us all that we’re supposed to be happy when others succeed, not jealous. Be glad when you see someone make it – it’s good for your Heart.  And don’t misunderstand, I need just as much help as anyone else when I get around the things our society and culture worship.  But that is my whole point; you have to make yourself do the right thing, even when you feel differently.  Love the way God means it is not a feeling, it is a discipline.

It has nothing to do with your feelings, it’s a choice. Don’t compare yourself to other people, the Bible forbids it. Be content with who you are and what you’ve got.  All the while be preparing yourself for promotion by preparing your heart – and God Himself will promote you in due time. If you try to promote yourself, you will just end up broken and frustrated.  When God is ready to promote you – nothing can stop it.  When you do finally achieve some level of notoriety in your field, remember to be kind to others and to believe the best about them.  Competition comes out of our fallen nature and it is not from God.

This growing sense of entitlement in our generation has got to go. It is an infestation, and has ruined the attitude of the youth of this country for the last 40 years.  And quit confusing large amounts of cash and being recognizable to the masses, with success – they are not related.  There are many people with millions who are nothing more than poor people with some money.  Because money does not make you rich.  If you had a billion dollars it could not save your soul.  You are a Spirit  remember.  It is in your Spirit you have to get rich.  And the reason so many people are destroyed by fame is because they know the whole thing is a lie and they cannot live up to the lie.  I know the world system counts them as success, but the world system is wrong. It always has been. The world not only does not know how to count, it doesn’t know what to count. The Bible teaches a whole other arithmetic.  One where everybody who wants to win, wins.  Alright, Back to the acting.

   So one of the two major reasons I don’t have a lot of respect for our view of the profession is obviously because I think we’ve made too much of it.  The other reason is that I think anybody can do it, because I believe everybody already does it, to some degree. Not that everybody could be great, listen, most folks are not even great at life.  Being great at anything (in a worldly sense) requires talent skill or experience, or even a combination of the three. That does not guarantee anybody will ever know you are great.  Since what we are really talking about is how good you were at what you did – not how many people knew it (that’s fame).  

A little over a century ago when Impressionism was just gaining popularity as a new artistic style, Manet was playing Monet while Bouguereau was sticking to classical lines from classical training.  Especially in the hands and feet, which had always been considered the hardest. He alone was a Master (at this) among all of his peers, including Renoir and Degas and they all knew it. But you don’t know his name today, not like you do the others I’ve mentioned.  Not because he wasn’t good.  In fact, he was the epitome of the style that Impressionism was up against. It was because that style was no longer popular within the trend that eventually becomes the masses.  What the people like .  How we feel about things, which can change in a moment. 

At the same time that European Society was becoming less certain as to exactly what they believed about God and who He was, their lines of Morality started to blur as did color and detail with the Impressionists.  A process of declining delineation. We could no longer tell where we were because we were no longer certain what we were looking at. We had lost our way. Till we end up with painters like Picasso (his later work) and Pollock, whose work any child could equate. At least the Impressionists while not quite giving us the thing itself, gave us something like it.  Now we have corporations that specialize in finding ways to take away what they promise. Everything is connected. Everything.  And everything that happens physically is determined (or happens first) spiritually.  But I’m getting ahead of myself, as I often do.

  I have brought in the comparison of the profession of acting to the acting that we all do, as, being so exaggerated, I believe it is easier to see. Everything in it is phony, stunt, faux, affected, controlled, made up – all established in storytelling through pretense, to produce one thing – a picture. The thing they want me to see.  All the while playing to the crowd. There’s an entire multi-billion dollar industry built around it, and due to the power that God has put into the visual.  Because of this Hollywood (and in an extended sense California) has been for some time the cultural ancient Rome of our modern world.  It is bad enough that we as people find ourselves being phony or pretentious, or making something very large out of something very small, every day.  

But as a society we have made one of the world’s largest subcultures out of it, don’t you see.  Out of nothing it makes nothing and accomplishes nothing.  Yes stories are good, I write them my self.  And there is massive employment and gargantuan payroll (especially for those at the top), but for what.  I’m telling you if people would give God half the reverential awe they would give to their favorite actor upon meeting them – He could build on that. He could get some stuff done in their lives. I told you those little anecdotes in the hope of starting the de-throning process of the faming (or framing) of self in our lives. It is all a lie, all of it.  God is supposed to be in that frame, not you or me or anyone like us. Paul says in the Bible that it is good to be excited, but then asks, what are you excited about. And let me add this, it’s good to have a good reputation, but what are you so well known for.  Doing what.

      You know what the two most excellent things were in all those stories.  Out of all the completely unrelated random meetings and interactions with some of the rich and famous of the 7 different people whose 12 experiences I related to you.  Only two things were noteworthy, redeeming, or of any virtue at all.  When Richard Pryor tipped a masseur who did not even work on him that day. Went out of his way to do it. One man giving money to another without even receiving the product he was adding to, just to be kind to him.  On purpose.  And on a much larger scale, when Randolph Hearst and his brother served in the military while their nation and their world was at war. They could have gotten out of it, or at least received an easier assignment.  But chose instead to face danger and loss of life for something higher than themselves. And the bombing raids over Nazi occupied Europe had among the highest casualty rates of the war. 

My how things and people have changed. The common grounds of both examples were men doing something they did not have to do, and doing it for someone else.  With both acts involving the giving of something that was important to the men themselves. Which is the only kind of giving God counts.  Hollywood does not feed the hungry and clothe the naked – the Church does that.  And their best day of Charity (to the wrong ones) is not a fraction of the Church’s worst.  They do not teach our children, teachers do. They don’t prepare the food the cook does, and they don’t grow it, the farmer does that.  The farmer does not provide the soil, the rain and the sunshine.  Most of them know very well that God provides it, and will tell you so.  Just like He provides you and me (and actors everywhere) with talent, ability and intelligence.  Which we quickly call our own, without even attempting (personally) to uncover where they came from. 

Though we can tell you nothing of how they were formed we claim ownership.  As though we really had something to do with the manufacture of our natural strengths and abilities. Yeah like you personally chose how you looked and how fast you could run. Explain that to me. Go ahead I’ll give you a minute. Every good thing in our lives comes from God, every good thing.  We are not supposed to play to the crowd, we are supposed to play to Him.  Even the Church does it.  This is not about the crowd – it is all about Him and our returning to Him. Don’t seek the approval of men, seek His.  I’m not supposed to wish the whole world found me sexually attractive and wanted to jump my bones, but it’s right there in the fallen nature.  It is not right that we think this way.  The desire to be desired (or desirable). God put an intense, almost desperate desire for intimacy into each of us, and He put it there for Himself. But we are all doing the wrong thing with it.

   How much longer do you think we as a people can get away with investing so much of our money into entertaining ourselves with storytelling while lusting after or idolizing the beautiful new young boy or girl whose character happen’s to be in the spotlight for the moment, before we are held accountable.  Don’t you see how very much like Rome we are after they built the Coliseum, which was built solely to entertain.  Now we are even more like them right before they fell. Do you know where the money came from to build the Coliseum.  It came from the sack of Jerusalem.  And by it the destruction of Solomon’s Temple, which was the House of God – the Church of the Jews. The place where like all temples, all the gold was kept. 

Fifty years ago most of the nation went to Church and saw a film occasionally.  Now, we don’t go to Church at all, but watch TV or go to movies daily.  Our very own Coliseum.  Listen to me friend – Judgment is coming. On us as a nation and as individuals.  And I believe very soon on the TV and film industry.  You know the best way to avoid Judgment – to judge ourselves, so we won’t be judged. 

There is nothing wrong with seeking the approval of men if you seek the approval of God first.  But let me tell you a secret – if you get God’s approval, what follows does not even matter. Though you will have the approval of many men.  But we don’t do that.  We have taken God completely out of the picture and just play to each other.  No wonder our lives are so empty and confused. Meaningless sex and meaningless money, with a craving for all the entertainment we can swallow in between.  Just gimme my next fix.  One more conquest will show how godlike I am. Yeah, that’s it.  It doesn’t have to be that way, nor should it.  We must learn to love something more than we love having our own way.  God will help us with that, but only if we are willing.  Learn to be willing.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

Something Deeper

I never understood exactly what this sense of destiny and the drive behind it was for, but by the end of my school years, I knew it had something to do with God.  I felt it more in my gut than in my head.  It was on my first ship the USS New Orleans where I began to come up into the plan that God had laid out for me – before I had ever been born.  There were two different vessels aboard this ship that at some level, of their own free will had made themselves available for God’s use.  They would soon be pouring into me as others had poured into them.  Andy was one of those guys who was a lover, where others would be fighters.  He was so full of love.  I was a fighter.  Andy was from Lake Charles, Louisiana, and wasn’t but a few years older than I was.  I think he was in his early twenties, and he was a Machinist.  I was an Electrician, which was just a necessary delay on the way to becoming a Navy Diver.  As you had to learn a trade enabling you to do something else aboard ship when you weren’t diving.

Lieutenant Commander Jay Snell was the ships Chaplain, and by his own admission hadn’t become a true Christian until after seminary when he met some real Believers aboard what I remember to be his first ship, many years earlier.  Upon meeting these men who were walking in the power of God, he realized he was not even a believer.  He had simply thought he was because of his religious training and background.  It was from these two men that the first penetrating seeds of God’s Word and seeds of His Love would be sown into a cold and damaged heart, at just the time the Lord knew I would receive the precious gift without destroying it.  It was here, aboard a ship of war that I would begin the long journey of discovery.  That the battle was not won by those who were strongest, and that the warfare was never between men and machines as it appeared.  But had always and only been fought and won in the Spirit.  The process by which this godly young man and this older and wiser man of God established the framework for forming Christ in me is called discipleship.

Which is nothing more than Christian apprenticeship, is intended for everybody, and is the way ordained by God to the deeper things and the higher life He has always had for those who would have It.  One loved me like a brother, the other like a wise master builder took me under his wing and taught me, instructed me, in the things of God.  Neither of them had everything, but only some things.  They both had their parts to play in this sometimes bewildering drama of my life, and I still have those parts with me today.  Like those who came before me, I am pouring into others, who are pouring into others, who are pouring into others.  Some of the disciples of my disciples have disciples.  I am in fact over a nationwide discipleship network.  It’s not very big, but it is on both coasts and in several states – and only exists at all because it is God’s thing, not mine.  I’m just doing what He told me, which is actually what He’s told everybody.  What I’m doing shouldn’t be the exception – it should be the norm.

The christianity of most who believe themselves to be Christian is not working for them because they haven’t been discipled.  It is a getting up under someone who has what you don’t – so that you can get it from them.  If they were a vessel full of liquid, and you the empty vessel needing to be filled, then the pipeline, the conduit, the funnel connecting the 2 of you would be obedience.  Not obedience in some random arbitrary manner  – but obedience to God’s Word.  Discipleship is all about accountability.  The accountability of keeping your word, which was given in the form of a promise, when you made that promise to change.  Which is all that Repentance is – a promise to change.  You cannot do it on your own, it is quite impossible.  You need help, a lot of help, and a large part of the help God has sent is Discipleship.

Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to change – and be made into the image of Christ.  If you have not at least begun the process of salvation, which is the name of this being changed – you won’t make it to Heaven.  It is not accomplished with a prayer anymore than your 1st year on the job ended by filling out the paperwork to get hired.  No, that was all done beforehand.  If you are a member of the clergy, no use quoting sola fide – Faith is an act not a thought.  And yes it very much is Faith in Christ and His completed work on the Cross, but you have a part in response to that.  Most who call themselves christians have very intentionally not done their part.  Some are just ignorant due to a gross shortage of Teachers in the Body of Christ.  Not because they haven’t been Called – few have answered the Call.  From Genesis to Revelation, God ties all of your Love for Him and all of your Belief in Him to one thing . . . Obedience.

Now in doing our part, God has given all of us the ability to become hungry, willing or obedient – so we can be discipled.  We in fact call these the 3 doorways to discipleship, and teach the disciples to look for one of these doorways being open as a confirmation of who they are to disciple.  I am not an Evangelist so I don’t take my guys out to the street corner and look for followers, and I tell them not to do that because that is not the Call, or the anointing that backs up that Call – on my life.  And in ministering the real Biblical Christianity you want to do only what you are anointed to do.  Which means what God has given you power to do, because He has called you to do it.  The thing so many won’t take the time to do – is to find out what God has called them to do.  They are too busy doing what they’ve called themselves to do, or what someone else thought was a good idea – but they never asked God.

There are many good books and many good movies, but most of the books that have ever been written – should not have been.  It’s the same with movies, songs, restaurants, even ministry.  I’d say on average probably the top ten per cent in any field are doing something God put in their heart, whether they knew it or not.  Which means in every area of human endeavor most of the people in the earth, including most of the people in the church, are not doing anything God told them to do.  Which is where The Blessing is at – and the only place His Blessing is at.  Remember blessing means empowered to prosper, not claiming your own success.  The power comes from Him, not positive confession.  If you are not empowered by Him, you are not Blessed.  It is not competition that makes room for anyone, it is your gift that makes room for you.

Instead of living in His Blessing people are just doing something, anything, to keep themselves busy, so they don’t go crazy.  Busy making a living so they can feed themselves and pay their bills while waiting for death to finally catch up with them.  Well, that’s not what God calls life.  Jesus came to deliver us from all that mundane dreary unrewarding unfulfilling frustrating existence that makes up our life in our town.  God has something much better for everyone on the planet.  He said if we will follow Him; we’ll eat, live, drive the very best of the land.  All the time, everyday.  In fact, the greek word for His kind of life is zoe.  The God kind of Life, the uncreated life.  It is one of the main things Christ came to do; to change us from created to begotten, from creatures to sons.  It would be like a man changing a painting or statue (something he created) into another man (something he did not create but could only beget).  As C.S. Lewis explains in Mere Christianity, you can only beget something of your own kind.  To beget is to give birth to something of the same kind as yourself.

Let me break down the difference between these 3 doorways so they can be more clearly seen, for those who actually intend to do something about this book – and make some disciples (of the Lord Jesus Christ, not of you).  About 3 years ago I was discipling about 6 or 7  guys over the same period of time, but not all together, and not at the same hour or day, but always at least once a week.  As I typically get together with one at a time for at least 2 hours, sometimes 3 or 4 hours, as the Lord directs.  But we set a time and a day and stick to it because one of the first things the Enemy attempts to attack is the stability of the meeting, and the keeping of your word.  Our entire society and culture are against these things as well, but then everything about the one true God opposes the mainstream of fallen man and his way of doing things.

So one of the first things I inevitably have to teach those whom God sends me to minister His Word to – is to simply keep their word.  And I’m talking about guys ranging from their late teens to mid forties, from military to millionaire, across the socio-economic divide.  But before I go off on the importance of keeping your word (which could take up a book), let me get back to these doorways as it related to four men in three regular meetings.  The first man was a realtor who had his own office, the second man had a few million from successful investing that he had earned from the company he worked for.  Both of these men were married with children and in their 40’s.  The other two gentlemen were friends and roommates of each other.  One was in his late twenties, the other in his early 30’s. I discipled these two together.  I will start with these last two in just a minute.  To give some idea socially they were your basic blue collar working class guys.  But first let me say this.

This is not about any specific individual[s] and what they did or did not do.  It is about discipleship.  Nothing said is defamatory or demeaning in any way. So I am quite intentionally avoiding many specifics, including their names.  Both out of respect and for the sake of focus and staying on mission.  Which is to get you as much of the help being offered here, so that you can in turn help others.  But I do want you to see enough to make their humanity visible, and therefore the application of what’s being said as practical.  By showing a partial picture of four men not so different from you and me, who probably entered this process with what they would consider the best intentions, but did not go as far as they should have.  Showing you why they did not, as it relates to these doorways.  Which in one sense, are nothing more than heart postures.

All of these men failed discipleship in that they all quit the process and did not allow the Lord to bring to completion the very thing He does with discipleship.  Which is to get Christ formed in you (more than He is now) and establish His Kingdom in the earth.  By establishing it in the lives of men, who then must help establish it in the lives of others.  Until a disciple is birthed into his gift call or ministry and becomes part of a body of disciples as Scripture commands, he did not finish the process.

It is my hope that you will get what they would not, and perhaps at some level could not [yet], and go further than they.  The hope of every good father.  And though I am not a father after the flesh, the Lord has made me one in the Spirit – to many.  To the ones who stayed the course.  It has taken Him years to bring me around to accepting that fact.  He needs more spiritual fathers, and He will make some of you into a father, if you let Him.  And many will be drawn to your Light, but it’s not about that.  It is about those who want His Light.  Which is where all of your light comes from.

These are all good men, as are all the men I have the honor to disciple.  Most of them still go to church as far as I know.  All of them got some of the help God sends through ministry (mine in this case) to come up higher, all of them.  Then again the point of true ministry is not to get them accept Jesus but to get them up under His Authority.  God did not send His Son to back up your plan.  He sent Him to get you up on His Plan.  People as a whole just don’t like that, so very few end up really getting ahold of it.  Some of the many I’ve discipled got enough to help one or two others come up higher.  But only a few stayed the course, got filled up with the spiritual seed of God’s Word enough to change their lives, and are now changing the lives of others by pouring into them.  They are my core disciples. Which means they stuck with it until what God had for them through the Office I stand in was formed in them.  Being brought to maturity, until they in turn had actual disciples themselves.

Neither myself nor these core disciples are in any way special, but only people who were available for God  to use.  You can be too.  Which in itself took many years as a part time minister for me to come up into.  It was my own limited availability that no doubt was directly responsible for the lack of impact I was having for so long, as I was busy living my own life (selfishly) trying to get laid instead of following the One who had laid down His own life so that I could have it.  Many are called, few are chosen.  The chosen are just those who stick to it no matter what, and who’s commitment to fulfill the Call of God on their life – is non negotiable.

So these first two were Obedient.  Which is to say, they showed up to the meetings on time (which was twice a week for them), and did everything I told them while they were present with me.  But they weren’t Willing in the sense of agreeing in their heart posture.  They did it all out of a sense of duty and discipline, believing it would help them, that there was something good in it.  Much like the military or any other form of public service.  They also lacked hunger, in that the books and tapes (and cd’s) which were the homework and easily half the grade (as a teacher would say) were listened to and read much slower and with less frequency than required for them to make it to the next ones, of which there were many.  Remember this whole thing works by seed-time-and harvest, which is the chief principle by which the Kingdom of God operates.  The first step is sowing seed.  Lots of seed.

The guy with a little money had a lot of pride and a strong spirit of control that could not suffer him to sit under my authority for two hours, and study the Bible and the things of God together.  He really could not do anything unless he was in charge, or at least in the limelight.  He knew this himself, and as it was exposed through the course of our relationship – he was pretty upfront about it.  So he was neither Willing or Obedient, but he was very Hungry.  I fed the hunger.  He went through more books and tapes (all good) than anyone I’ve ever poured into.  I mean he frequently went through a book a week, along with an entire set of teaching tapes (all from different Anointed Ministers) which I required listening to multiple times – so that within 6 months, he had absorbed all I had at the time.  He was so hungry, thank God!  But he was not Willing or Obedient, nor did he become so.  He did the homework very well but he would not attend the class, which was required.

The last guy, the realtor, was the one I discipled the longest (of these 4) and has since come up into a level of ministry himself – as he now heads the prison ministry at his church, along with another disciple of mine who had come up into the 5 fold ministry as a Teacher, while being discipled.  This realtor brother was very Willing, in that he was just open to do what ever it took to get Christ formed in him.  To bear the required fruit of the Holy Spirit  as commanded in the Bible to be a true Christian.  But he was neither Hungry or Obedient.  He was chronically late, which affected his word in other areas – as it is all connected, and put into practice very little of what he was given through our fellowship, twice a week.  He was also getting through very little of the homework in the year and a half we were together.

Now none of the doorways are enough by themselves to truly become a disciple of Christ, anymore than the doorway to your house is the house itself.  They are simply entry points, and in fact, if you possess any one of these – you are supposed to let the one you have help take you to the others, because you will need some level of all three of them to make it.  To become what God wants to make of you.  We are all to become what we behold.  The Bible tells us that we are the house God has come to live in.  So hunger eats.  It relates to desire, to what you want – and you have to want this to get it.  When of course the truth is, most of us don’t want it.  I didn’t.  I had to ask God to give me the desire for Him and His way of doing things, and He did.  He gave it to me, and is still giving it to me.

That is what the Kingdom of God is: God and His way of doing things.  Your desire follows your attention, remember.  Whatever you pay attention to, that is what you will desire.  We are born with a nature that opposes God and finds worship difficult.  I mean the worship of God.  We all worship something, and do it easily.  We do it naturally.  Beauty, strength, knowledge, innocence, power, independence, money, drugs (for some), being worshipped (for others).  All of these things have been turned into gods. As long as it’s a god, it can be worshipped.  You are not supposed to and you do not have the right to worship anything or anyone other than God.  We were made to worship Him, and worship was made only for Him.  You do not have the right to do whatever you want, nobody does.  You only have the right to do what is right.  What we all have is the free will to do wrong, but we do not have the right to do wrong.  God Himself has given us the choice, and the more you understand what worship is and what it says, the more clearly you will see that all true worship belongs only to God.

A god is what ever you turn to in your hour of need, whatever you draw your strength and your substance fromthat is your god.  God Almighty, the Creator of the Universe, the God of the Bible, is our Heavenly Father and wants us to turn to Him for all our needs – but you have to let Him be God.  You were made for Him, but you have to decide of your own free will to get up under that.  That’s what Idolatry is, creating and worshipping false gods.  God didn’t make these things gods, we made them gods.  We did it out of our rebellious fallen nature, to worship anything but Him.  That is not okay – it’s a Sin.  In fact, it’s one of the Ten Commandments.  Which are actually just ten of the hundreds, a summary of them if you will.  Just as the two greatest commandments are a summary of the ten and all the rest.  They’re hierarchical.  His Kingdom is one of rank, structure and authority.  You can go just as high as you are willing to obey – and you have got to be hungry enough to obey on that level.

Willingness speaks of an openness of the Heart, a yielding.  It’s not the part that does a thing (that’s Obedience), it’s the part that wants to do it.  You may think that these are just different ways of saying the same thing, but they are not.  They are completely different parts that are related to one another, just like every organ and member of your body, every person in your family, every citizen of a nation, every animal in the earth, and every planet in the solar system.  Such diversity of design and purpose, with such specific function both within itself and as part of a whole, is to be found only in creation and nowhere at all in evolution.  Which was a lie the day it was told.

Science does not even attempt to explain the why and the who.  It cannot, being only a part of the creation itself.  It tries only to do away with them, but finds it cannot do that either.  Just a bunch of made up, juvenile rantings in the simile of a very bad cartoon.  Where none of the characters can even stand on their own, and are impossible to fit together.  Johnny Quest and Bugs Bunny were much better, and much smarter.  It is God that the academia and the mind of man are against, and always have been.  The Bible says having a form of godliness they deny the power thereof.  They are living in every way off of a single drop of His juice, yet continually deny that He gave it to them.  Just as continually and quite intentionally, they forget that their collective life hangs precariously on the strength of a single breath.  Take that single breath away then it is over.  All of their arguments come to nothing.  It was never that the Savior would not have them, He came to save them.  It is that man in his rebellion refuses to come in.  If he stays there he cannot be redeemed.  All are invited, but so few respond.  Even fewer respond properly.

Obedience of course involves doing something whether we feel like it or not.  The problem is this current generation (roughly meaning those born after 1960) whose culture and society were formed after the breakdown and upheaval of the 60’s – are the most addicted, distracted, self absorbed and emotionally ruptured people in the history of the world as a Society; and thereby are made weak, incredibly weak – on both an individual and national level.  On top of that they are ruled by their feelings, and led by their emotions.  All of it is a set up for who’s coming, the son of Perdition, the man of Sin.  They’ll be easy pickings for this Antichrist, who is just about to be revealed.

Never have so many done so little for so few with such vast resources, and I’m not just talking about America.  What you spend on yourself you cannot spend on others, and even those of us who have given should have given more – and not just to the poor.  It is the U.S., Britain, France and Germany combined that make up the West in wealth and influence as the modern Inheritors of what God began in Greece and later Rome more than 20 centuries ago.  Only the Good parts were from Him, what all men have done with what was given them will be Judged, very soon.  Of these four, France will lose the most people to this coming deceiver, as they are the most deceived, being already the most God less.

It is in the tires of your Obedience where the rubber meets the road, but it is the engine of your Willingness that moves the tires.  Hunger would be the gasoline that fuels the engine, or hydrogen if you prefer something cleaner.  In their mechanical nature they are limited to the laws of physics and must all work together to perform the thing they were made for.  In other words, they cannot contradict each other, hypocrisy is not a possibility.  Not so with the Human machine, we are full of contradictions and hypocrisy.  We constantly say things we don’t mean, and mean something completely other than what we just said.  You may think that people just get their words wrong, but that is not so.  Wrong words come out of a wrong heart, and the Bible says so.

Every mouth problem is a heart problem, and all of us have both.  It’s one of the main things discipleship deals with, as it is one of the most pronounced characteristics of the Kingdom of Heaven – No Lying.  Not even little ones.  In fact everything is so Right in Heaven on levels much higher than those we live on here, that up there – the thought is the action. You think it and it is being done. I am of course describing method, not potential.  You can see how one lie would shipwreck the whole thing.  God will not come down to our level of deception.  He insists that we come up to His level of Truth.  But only for those who want it  here and now.

We must always remember that God’s Way of doing things is just the opposite of the world’s way of doing things.  In the world’s way we have adopted seeing is believing as such a normative stance, but in God’s Way just the inverse is true: only unbelief is moved by what it sees.  Faith is moved by what is not seen. Faith is all about what you cannot see, if you can see it, it is not faith.  It is by faith that we must all enter into discipleship despite the failings and inadequacy of men.  Our faith is not in them, it is in God.  Jesus ordered the making of disciples from all tribes in all the world.  Yet He did not say this to all the world, He said it those who had been discipled already.  His disciples could only make disciples because they had been discipled themselves.  Just as I could only make disciples because I have been discipled.  There is not some other way.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry